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Propeller Ads Review

Propeller Ads Media ReviewPropeller Ads is an advertising company which has gained lot of popularity in small term of time. Today after some deep research I am going to share my experience of this ads network with you all.

According to Propeller ads team their mission is to provide a better performing advertising and revenue generating platform. It is very essential for any publisher and advertiser to know about the network which he is going to join. So, I would recommend you all to go this review for a better of how Propeller ads work.

PropellerAds Review

Propeller Ads network was founded in 2011 and is one of the most fastest growing ads network and is emerging as one of the best Adsense alternative.

Facts About Propeller ads

  • They provides ads for entertainment, gaming, videos/movies, dating, software, gambling, finances (“verticals”) and more website niches.
  • Both web and mobile ads are provided by this ads network.
  • They serve more than 650 million ad impressions daily for desktop and mobile visitors.

Ads units provided by Propellerads

  • Banner Ads: (728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600 and others)
  • Onclick ads
  • Mobile Interstitial Ads
  • In-banner video (Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, Pre-game)
  • Sliders, Sponsored Links and other ad formats
  • Check out in description about these ads here: Ads Unit Demos

Benefits of Propeller ads for publishers

  • There are multiple ads units provided by this ads network and also you can earn through the visitors visiting through mobile devices.
  • The CPM rates provided by this network is better than many google Adsense alternatives out there. They also provide 100% fill rate for international traffic.
  • There is no requirement of minimum traffic to your website, you will get instant approval from this ads network.
  • The content policy is similar to many ads networks like No adult content, no viruses/malwares and no fraud and fake traffic.
  • The integration of ads is also easy.

Referral Program

The propeller ads also provides a referral program through which you can earn by referring other publisher, you get 5% of their income for lifetime.

Propeller ads cons for publishers

  • NET30 payouts (30 days hold)
  • No paypal at this moment (should be added in two/three months according to sources)
  • CPM rates for banners ads are not so good as for pop-under ads, but some websites get a good revenue.
  • Probably they are not a best choice for website with low traffic volume and who wants to use a banner ads only. For example: your website traffic is 1000 pageviews daily, CTR is about 1%, but 10 clicks is a too low volume and you’ll get 0.01-0.1 USD only. But even the low traffic sites can earn with popunders and mobile ad units.

Benefits for advertisers

  • Huge international network of websites, quick reach your audience, web and mobile traffic to boost your sales or app installs
  • Wide range of ad units
  • CPM and performance based campaigns – CPA/CPL/PPI
  • Large spectrum of targeting opportunities
  • Personal account managers is provided.

My experience with Propeller ads

I came across this ads network a few days ago and I thought of checking this on my other website. And in few days only I earned a good amount from them by using all of there ads unit. As I told you above as well, if we use only banner ads, the result is not so great. And if you have low traffic to your website you will not earn much, but if you use the pop-under ads you will earn better even with low traffic. The trail ads of this ads network earned me some good bucks in few days span.
So, surely its worth a try. And I would recommend using pop-under ads.

What was your experience do share it with us.

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