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How to Disable or Remove Blue Seen ticks In Whatsapp

How to Disable or Remove Blue Seen ticks In Whatsapp

The Past week, WhatsApp had introduced a new update and had added a new feature of “read receipts” in form of blue ticks, indicating that the message send by you to receiver has been read when blue ticks show up. This feature where one side had its advantages, it also caused trouble to a lot of people. The people who were not interested or at that moment of receiving message are unable to reply back went through problems. So, this feature didn’t became a big hit for the masses.

Now whatsapp is releasing a new beta version, through which you will be able to hide this blue tick from showing up, if you wish. WhatsApp on regular basis is providing a lots of updates and adding new features so as to maintain the interest of the users. Where most of the times new features are helpful for the users, sometimes like this update, when “Blue ticks” were introduced, it became a headache for many users. So, now here below are the steps that will help you to Disable the blue ticks from Whatsapp. How to Disable or Remove Blue Seen ticks In Whatsapp is expalined below in simple steps.

WhatsApp Beta for Android : Disable Blue ticks

The latest version launched by whatsapp – Whatsapp Beta, is providing the feature of disabling this blue tick feature.  If you have downloaded or updated to new beta version, then follow below steps to Disable or Remove Blue Seen ticks In Whatsapp:

  • Go to settings
  • Open Privacy tab
  • And then disable the “Read Receipts” option.

Steps to Get WhatsApp Beta for Android

  • Just download the Whatsapp 2.11.44 versions from whatsapp website.
  • Then just install it on your device.

So, if you wish to hide this feature and get rid of it this is the method for you for removing the blue tick “Read receipts” in whatsapp.

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