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Infolinks Review – Best online advertising and publishing network

Infolinks Review - Best online advertising and publishing networkInfolinks is one the most trusted and widely spread online advertising and publishing network. Infolinks is one of the best Google Adsense alternative and companion. In this post, we will provide the review about this ads network, check out what was our experience after using this ads network and is it better than other networks and in which way.

Earning money from blogging is not now a big challenge as with little hard work and continuity in work you can earn a great amount from your blogs everyday. Whenever a person starts a blog he/she things Adsense is the only way through which they can earn, and when they get banned from Adsense then they just lose hope and many times even stop blogging or that blog. Whereas there are some alternatives that can be great for earning great amount from your blog. One of which is Infolinks. This is the ad network that you can use both with and without Adsense.

I have tried a lots of other alternatives of Adsense, but all of them literally suck except infolinks as I have been earning great amount through this ads network.

Infolinks Review:

Infolinks Approval

Getting approved on infolinks is very simple and quick, whatever the traffic you are getting to your website. For applying to infolinks just follow below steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on signup option and fill all the required fields.
  • After filling the form just click Join button and there it is.
  • You will get a notice “thanking you” for signing up
  • In few hours or within few days you will get the approval from infolinks.
  • After you get confirmation message you can place the ads on your blog. Just open infolinks dashboard and you will get different methods of installing ads to different platforms like Blogger, wordpress, drupal, Joomla etc.

 Sign Up

Infolinks Ads Format

There are four different ads format that infolinks provides, which are as follows:

In-fold: In-fold ads are pop up ads that will popup from below your screen and the ads are relevant to the searches your visitors are making recently. You can see an example below:

Infolinks Review - Best online advertising and publishing network

In-text: In this ads format some of the keywords from your post get highlighted(you can change the number of links you want to highlight) There are two options that you get first is double lined or dotted. You can change the color of the highlight keywords in the way you want, so as it can mix with your website theme. See the example below.

Infolinks Review - Best online advertising and publishing network

In-Frame: Two frames from both left and right side of your screen are seen, these are related to the keywords that you have searched recently. It looks like as shown below:

Infolinks Review - Best online advertising and publishing network

In-tag: The Infolinks provide this another format of ads in which the relevant ads to every post are shown below the post. There are great chances of getting clicks on these ads.

Infolinks Review - Best online advertising and publishing network

Infolinks Earnings

I have been using infolinks now from a long time and I have earn great from it. I had got ban from adsense about 8-9 months ago and after that I have tried all different ads networks, but I got the best results from infolinks. If you are getting a reasonable amount of traffic everyday then you can earn a great amount through your blog everyday. InfoLinks online advertising network pricing based on CPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mile).

Here’s a sample earning for 1 week:


Infolink Payout

The payout of infolink is also very less i.e. $50 and you can get payments through paypal as well and lots of other payment options are also provided.

Double Your earnings : New

Recently infolink had announced that earning through infolinks can be doubled if you write about infolinks.

Steps to double your profits:

  • Write a review or post about infolinks
  • Then place the video on your post given below:

  • That’s it.


So, at last with all above points proving that infolinks is a great Adsense alternative or companion and you can earn a lot through it if you get a reasonable traffic to your website. Even if you have Adsense on your website, you can apply Adsense which add another positive point to infolink. Use it with Adsense and increase your earnings.

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Infolinks Review - Best online advertising and publishing network
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  1. Thanks Vishal for sharing this.
    Infolink is a good enough advertising network that doesn’t pay more than adsense but pay impressive income if you have good web traffic.
    You can check here top 10 Google Adsense alternatives by follow this link

  2. Hi Vishal, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for this great review and for sharing our new video! I just wanted to mention that the competition has officially ended and we announced the winners on our blog. Check it out at Keep up the good work and happy blogging 🙂

  3. Yeah sure, its really a good network.

  4. i never made a payout from infolinks 🙁

  5. Hi Vishal Sharma, Thank for sheareing this content. I think Infolinks is good publishing network but not Best.