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7 Blog Sponsored Review Sites That Pay You to Blog

Blog Sponsored Review Sites

One of the great way to earn a great amount through your websites is to write blog sponsored reviews. Affiliate marketing and Advertisements on your website are one of well-known methods of earning through your blog, but writing sponsored reviews is an easy and effective way to earn. Here are 7 blog Sponsored Review Sites that pay you to blog.

What are Blog Sponsored Review sites?

Blog Sponsored review websites are the sites which bring the advertisers and the bloggers together. These websites provides a medium through which you can earn by providing a review about the advertising services, companies, applications and much more. The bloggers are paid to provide a review with a link to the service. The bloggers can set the price per review for advertisers.

1. Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Review is the mixture of above to programs. This is the platform where both the publishers and advertisers can search for the perfect match, and contact each other for sponsored reviews. The blogs whose requirements match with the advertisers get opportunity to post. ย Learn More >>

2. Reviewme

ReviewMe is a good Sponsored Review website, it works quite different from the website PayPerPost discussed below. In review me, publishers don’t search for opportunities whereas the advertisers look for the publishers suited for them. And bloggers get the mail when they have an opportunity for post. Learn More >>ย 

3. PayPerPost

PayPerPost is a great option for Sponsored reviews. This is one of the best blog sponsored website on internet. The Bloggers when get an opportunity for providing review, they have to write the review according to the terms and instructions provided, and then the blogger is paid according to the terms of PayPerPost. Learn More >>

4. SocialSpark

This is the program which has been created by the same company that is of PayPerPost. The advertisers can pick the bloggers where they wish to promote their services, products or applications. A large number of bloggers are earning a lot from this platform everyday. Learn More >>

5. Link post

Link Post is another great platform for earning through paid reviews. The payment options that this program provides are PayPal, direct deposit or Wire. This is an easy and fast way to earn through sponsored reviews. Learn More >>

6. Fiverr

Sell your reviews on Fiverr where a wide traffic comes everyday. This is a great platform from where you can earn a lot in small time, if you set up an attractive gig. This is a great website for earning from gigs you create, and one gig can be sponsored reviews. Learn More >>

7. PayU2Blog

PayU2Blog is a website that provides the paid posting on the weekly basis. The assignments are provided to the bloggers through which they can earn. Learn More >>

So, these are the blog Sponsored Review Sites that pay you to blog.

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  1. I was involved in all of them but left Social Spark and Pay per post long back. I rate Payu2blog at the top. I have been with them since 2007.

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