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Newshunt Review

Newshunt ReviewGoing through the daily news is very essential part of daily life routine. Every morning we look for the daily dose of newspaper. Whereas you cannot afford to get news around the world in a single newspaper. NewsHunt is an emerging application which has come into view. This is a perfect application if you are looking for the news from any corner of the world. This application is fit for providing news from specific locations and language.

In today’s fast life, there is no time for a person to sit and read a newspaper. But still many of the people around the world are looking for the news around the world. And here is an app naming “NewsHunt” which has been developed by Eterno Infotech which contains news from all Indian Newspapers. This is a perfect place and source of all the news around the world at one place.

Feature: Newshunt

Newshunt is an app with 12 different languages in which you can read the news. There are more than 100 publications and on average more than 25000 articles published every day. News eBooks in your hand all the time. The big name sources like Deccan Chronicle, HT are also source of the news. There are different sections provided through which you can choose the type of news you wish to read. There are 12 different languages including English, Hindi, Telgu News etc.

User Interface

The user interface of the application has improved with time and has now become more user-friendly then it was previously. The application is designed with most popular “flat’ trend. The application is well designed and easy to navigate. You get to select the country and location from where you wish to read the news around the globe. When the app is started you are asked to enter your country, and the publication you wish to view and the most preferable language by you is followed next. The application doesn’t convert the language from one to another when you select a particular language, it will just show you all the publications with that particular language.
The application is designed very neatly and also loading is fast. You are provided with a series of options when you start the app first like: Country, language, newspaper choices, category you wish to read.

Newshunt Review

There are different tabs provided to you like: recent tab. In former you can read all the recent news you had gone through. The thing that this application is missing is the favorite tab to add the favorite news to the section.

Application Reading & using experience

The application is very simple and fun to use. If you are opening this app on your mobile phone with smaller screen, then you might be getting small fonts which can be very difficult to read, so this application provides you with the options for changing the font size, so as to make you reading experience better. This application also provides options to toggle your background in different colors that is perfect for your reading. The scrolling of the application is smooth.


Newshunt after all above points discussed is surely a great and must use application for everyday life. This application is simple, attractively designed, The app provides a comprehensive reading experience. The application is available on Android, iOS, blackberry, and also java devices. So, now are you ready to experience this application? So, you can download it from here or from website:

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Newshunt Review
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