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Certified Ethical hacking training : CDI Consulting

ethical hacking training in chandigarh

To beat hacker, you need to think like one, Cyber Defense & Intelligence is the company that provides one of the best Information security training and services, ethical hacking training, cyber security training and services in India.

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What is ethical hacking?

An Ethical hacker is the professional employed by companies so as these individuals can check the vulnerabilities in the security of their companies products, services. A Black hat and ethical hacker have a main difference, which is that the ethical hackers find the loop holes in the security of the company and provide the methods to overcome them, whereas the black hat hackers are mainly seen to do the opposite, they take the advantage of the vulnerabilities and provide harm to the company.

So, if you are looking to build a future in ethical hacking then the highly reputed and widely know ethical hacking training, network security training institute in India.

What Is CDI Consulting?


Certified Ethical hacking Course : CDI Consulting

CDI Consulting is the one of the most popular company in Chandigarh, India that provides both training and services in the field of cyber security, ethical hacking training, network security training and services. This company was founded by Mr. Lovejot Singh in Chandigarh in starting of this year 2014 and have achieved a great success in this small time.

Career in Ethical hacking and network security

Ethical hackers all around the world are paid a great amount for the services that they provide. Near about $4 billion are paid to ethical hackers for their services in US every year. There is a wide requirement of the professional ethical hackers and network security experts all around the world and in India. There are thousands and lakhs of jobs that are provided to ethical hackers in India every month.

So, if you are thinking what to choose as a career option in India then ethical hacker and network security analyst is one of the best option for you. And Cyber Defense & Intelligence Company which provides both online and offline training is one of the best options for it.

Note: The students joining 6 months course at CDI Consulting are provided career recruitment’s in top valued companies in India.

Can I learn Ethical hacking ?

Yeah you can surely now learn ethical hacking and network security in just small time and become professional ethical hacker. All you need is follow following steps:

  • Go to Cyber Defense & Intelligence
  • Choose the best course that suits you (6 months course will be best for learning ethical hacking completely)
  • If you are located near Chandigarh then you can join the offline classes, other wise go for online classes.

That is it! in few months you will be a professional ethical hacker with a certified ethical hacker certificate from CDI Consulting. After that you can easily get a great job and also do the things that you always had though to do.

SPECIAL NEWS: A friend of mine found a vulnerability in Facebook and he was awarded INR 6 lakh by Facebook.

So, you can also be one like him after being trained by professionals in ethical hacking and network security courses.

Why only Cyber Defense & Intelligence ?

Cyber Defense & Intelligence company consists of India’s top most network and cyber security experts. One of them is Mr. Lovejot Singh the founder CDI, who is expert in information security management System. He is the one who is honoured by companies like ebay, Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe, twitter etc. for detecting the vulnerabilities in their systems. Similarly other staff is also highly qualified with experience of more than 5 years in this field.

Special attention is provided to each and every student joining the classes with special study material included.

Special projects are provided to the students so as they can learn and also widen up their knowledge. 

So, in my view when reviewing CDI, I would give them 5 out of 5 stars for their support, teaching, training and services.

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  1. Wow!!! i’m eagrly waiting for learn ethical hacking, how much of amount to spend this course to learn???
    Thanks for post this helpful information


  2. Hi Vishal,
    This is new thing for me.
    I am very impressed with your post.
    and I want to learn this 6 month course. How can I learn this
    I am from Pakistan.

  3. Hey Areesha,

    If you are interested in 6 months course, you will have to come to Chandigarh India, in our labs.

    Whereas we also provide online courses, which are of max. 60 days courses. You can check the online courses at and visit eLearning. 🙂

    If you have more questions just contact us. 🙂