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101 Link Building Strategies : All Tricks covered [3000 words]

101 Link Building Strategies : All Tricks covered This is the complete list of mostly all the Link Building Strategies available online. This is a complete guide with each and every trick that you will have to follow for building backlinks. Guest Posting as most people think is only the way of building the links to website, but it’s not true there are lots and lots of other and faster methods to build backlinks to your website.

I have provided a detailed description of each step and I have categorized each and every step in the perfect way so that it Would be easy to understand all these tips and tricks.

Note: Don’t build backlinks too fast to your website, otherwise be ready to get penalized by Google. Bookmark this page and keep following all the steps to build backlinks to your website:Link Building Strategies.

Here is the list of all topics covered here.

Just Click on the topic to move to that particular section on the Page:

Lets start with all Link Building Strategies for all bloggers. All above Topics have been provided details explanation and subcategories below:

Link Building Strategies

1. Basic Tricks


Here are the basic tips that can be used to increase backlinks to your website. These tricks can be used by anyone with any kind of blog or website.

Create a Blog Linked to Your website

The first and the foremost step for Link Building Strategies that would help your website or business to gain lots of backlinks is creating a blog with your website, that is updated on a regular basis. The content adding to your website is the best method of gaining lots and lots of backlinks to your website.

The thing you have to do is just link a blog with your website and keep posting about the updates and posts related to your website topic daily. Now when you have created a blog to your website, its time for building links through it by various steps discussed below.

Need Help To know How to create blog? : Read this Post: How to start a blog

Automate the RSS Feeds

Next step would be linking your website to RSS feed. Basically Blogger provides automatic RSS feeds, but if you want to build it on any other platform then you can make it at

Now even if you have RSS feeds accounts many time your feeds are not automatically discovered, so enabling the auto discovery of the RSS feeds follow the link below: Automatic RSS feeds

Build Interlinks

Next step in the field of link building is that not only linking to other websites is important or gaining links from other websites are important, it’s very important to keep building interlinks.

Interlinking has a huge importance for link building. Link your pages and posts to the specific anchor texts, so that your posts can gain some value.

Keep building links to your previous posts, keep the older posts alive and also helps in building their rankings. So, if you haven’t yet build interlinks, then get started.

Make Sharing Easy

Provide easy way of your article being shared on various social networking websites, so as to gain high traffic and thus more chances of link building.

Make it easier to Link to Your website

Another great method for link building is providing an easy medium for the visitors to link to your website. You can provide HTML codes of your website for linking to you at the footer of your website. You can provide the banners for your website, if it provides some kind of services.

Positive relations Online

Create a positive relation online with other bloggers, clients and visitors. This definitely helps in gaining quality links for your website. Your friends, clients and other bloggers that have good relations with you can provide you with Quality backlinks for small help or they can even give it for free.

For link building you can follow many steps, for more Follow: Tips to build Presence Online

2. Social:  Link Building Strategies


Now here are some steps to build links by Social Media and Networks. Social media is one of the best medium to build a huge amount of backlinks to your website.

Here are few Social media websites that I think can build a lot of Traffic as well as Links to your website.


The best medium to promote your content and website, and also to build relations with other. Just join The best Groups on Facebook, that are related to blogging niche like our Group: All Blogging Ways


Another great place on social media that can help to gain links to your website is Twitter. You can use your twitter profile for building links to your website. There are lots of website on which you can login through twitter and gain lots of links.

Here is a list of some websites: Twellow, Twitter Grader, Klout, Twitaholic, tweetlevel etc.

Social bookmarking websites

I would say the best and the simplest method of building backlinks to your website is adding your website links to social bookmarking websites.

There are lots of social bookmarking websites that can be used for building links to your website.

By reading this post you can get the whole list of the website for building backlinks: Best Social Bookmarking websites for building backlinks


Oh! This is one of the great platform for building backlinks, increasing the traffic to your blog, and interacting with other people online. There are thousands of communities that can be used for promoting and sharing your content on Google+, but do avoid spamming.


This is a great website which a booster for traffic and also helps in building backlinks too your website. Just submit your posts in the reddit under the right subreddit, and your work is done. With high traffic you will also get a backlink for your website.

Similarly there are lots of community websites like, blogengage, blokeube etc. that can be used for link building.

3. Submission : Link Building Strategies


The next category comes submission. There may be some of the categories that can support or include some same tips as in other category.

You can submit your website links to various places to gain a backlink to your website. Here is the list of the places where you can submit the link.

Video’s Submission

Upload useful videos online on websites like YouTube, vuclip and much more. You can use many services for automatically uploading your videos on large-scale. You can earn great number of links to your website from your videos.

Web Directories

Submit your website to various web directories is a great option, which can help both in increasing traffic as well as links to your website. There are thousands of web directories that you can find online, but which are of Good quality and also not spam is very important to know. Here is a list of best Web Directories to submit your website on.

Info-graphics Submission

Another great method to build backlinks is to submit the info-graphics that you have created for your website on different infographics submission websites.

There are lots of such website where you can submit your infographics online. Some of famous of all are:

  • and much more…

RSS directories

Another great place to submit your links is to the RSS directories. There are many RSS directories online on which you can submit your websites.

The best of all the RSS directories has been provided here: Best RSS directories to gain Backlinks

Mobile Application Directories

If you are an app developer and developed any app than you get links from the mobile app directories. If you don’t have any app then you can create some apps and submit it on these app directories.  For example:  Appolicious, utah etc.

Ebook directories

Have you created any e-book for your website? Then you can gain lots of links through this e-book directory by submitting your blog here.

Paid Directories

If you have some money to spend on your website, then you can also make links to your website by submitting it to Paid directories. There are lots of Paid Directories list, you can follow this list: Paid Directories

Themes Directories

Do you design themes and templates then you must submit them on the various website that provide the theme directory submission. You can leave a backlink to your website in your themes and templates, so as you can get maximum out of the themes that other apply on their websites.

Widgets and Plugin directories

You can even submit your widgets that you have made and plugin to online widgets directories.

4. GOV & EDU links


One of the best quality links are the GOV & EDU links and are always said to be useful for your website link building. So, you must submit your website to different GOV and EDU websites that can provide high quality links to your website.

Here I have created a very useful post that provides a list of more than 200 GOV& EDU websites for link building

You can submit your website to all these directories in very small time and thus build lots of backlinks for your website.

5. Content tactics


Guest Blogging

As you all may know that one of the best methods of building links to your website is Guest Posting on other blogs. This is the method that provides a very high Quality links and are really very helpful in building your websites strength.

The advantages of Guest Blogging with a list of best websites to Guest Post on are provides here: List of High pagerank  Websites that Allow Guest Posting

Quality Posts

If the content you provide to your visitors is of high quality then surely you will get links to your posts automatically. Because if your post is written well and is helpful for a person he/she will surely share your post forward. The Quality of your post matters a lot in deciding the number of links to your website, so always keep your content totally high quality and also without any error.

Get Famous To get Interviewed

Another great method of building links to your website is providing your interview for other blogs. This can be done if you are active online and having a good image infront of your co-bloggers. If your website has high quality content and great rankings then you can surely get some links through this method.

Article Trading

You can trade articles with your co-bloggers and both of you can provide a quality backlink to each other. This is called article trading system. May be there is some difference in the traffic of both the blogs and it may be difficult to find someone who has similar traffic as your so that both parties can agree on providing each other backlinks.

These are various tips that can help you to get quality backlinks through Content tactics.

6. Paid


If you have an amount that you can spend on your blog for link building then here are some valuable tricks that can be useful for you to buy backlinks for your website.

Paid Posts

You can publish paid posts on the other blogs with high pagerank. This will help you in two ways, both by increasing the backlinks to your website and also promoting your business in great manner.

Paid Reviews

Publish Paid reviews on other websites with High Pagerank and also high traffic. This will again help in the same way as the paid posts will work for you.

Buy Old Domains

Another great method of building links is buy a domain name that already has lots of backlinks to it. It can cost you little bit high but can help your business to reach at height in small time.

Bit be careful while buying the old domain names, many times domain names can banned from Google or Google adsene, and thus affect your website adversely.

Hire Link Builders ( YOU CAN HIRE US)

You can also hire the link builders that build links to your website. If you have few bucks to spend then you can just pay Link builders and pay them according to the links they build for you.

You can also contact us for building links for your website at very reasonable prices.

Sponsor Themes

You can some famous or great looking themes so that you can get lots of links through the themes, which are highly used by people around the world. This is great method as a single theme can let you make lots of links without any efforts.

7. Providing Help


You can provide help to the other webmasters in small things and ask for backlink in return. Here are some things in which you can help other for getting links.

Create logo for free

You can provide free logos to webmasters and ask for a backlink to your website in return. This is very simple method of give and take principle.

Setup website for Free

You can set up a website or blog free for your co-bloggers and in return ask for a backlink to your website.

Editing Posts

You can help webmasters in editing their old  posts so as to make it SEO rich in return of the free backlink to your website.

Help regarding Coding or website

There may be hundreds of things in which the webmasters may need your help. So, in return of helping them in their problems ask for backlinks for your website.

8. Creations


Create different products that will be needed by people for their websites and you can place your links in them.

Themes Creation

You can create themes and place your codes in it. You can provide your users with two options one free with your links fixed in it and the other one paid for themes without links. In this way you can have benefit from both ways.


If you have knowledge of creating widgets for bloggers then you can create them and place your website link in the widget.

Create badges of website

You can provide some online services and provide badges related to that services to your visitors in this way you can have links to your website.

9. Communities


There are various methods by which you can build links to your website with remaining active in community. Here are the tricks for it.

Commenting On Blogs

Commenting on other High PR dofollow link blogs is a great method of building links to your website. You can earn lots of links to your website by just commenting on other websites. This can help you in two ways, one it will increase your presence online and other your links to website will increase rapidly.

Question/Answer websites

You must visit different Q/A websites like yahoo questions, where lots of people ask their problems. You can provide a solution to their problem with a link to your website. This will help in two ways: one it will increase traffic to your blog and also it will build quality links to your website.

Commenting on Forums

Another great way of getting high quality links is commenting on forums. Forum commenting is great way to find the people who are interested in your content. Thus if you leave a link in the comment section of the forums that will help others, it will help you to build quality links to your website.

10. Leverage


This is the method in which you ask others for providing you quality backlinks. There are many people and way in which you can ask for links which are provided below.

Asking For backlinks

Ask for links to your post on the social networking websites to your friends. You can also ask your commentors to provide links to your website.

Your followers on twitter, Google+, facebook can be a great help in this method.

Tynt is a great website to get links from the people who are copying any content from your website. When ever someone copies content from your website, this tool helps in providing a backlink to your website through that copied content.

So, sign Up now on Tynt.

11. Other


Some other great method of getting links to your blog are:

  • Offline marketing
  • Starting wikipedia page
  • Affiliate program
  • Help a reporter out(HARO) is great medium.
  • Sponsor events
  • Tutorials and How to’s
  • Infographics
  • web tools
  • Press release

Should we Do link building for you?


If you don’t have much time for building backlinks to your website and need help in this matter you can contact us at any time for providing link building services at very low prices(According to links to be built – No bots used)

At last I Would like to say that use these all tricks to build quality links to your website, and never use a backlink generator for building backlinks to your website.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If it was helpful do share this with your friends and if you can provide a link to this post from your website 😉

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