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Who are the best domain name providers?

Previous Section:  How to select a perfect domain name for new blog

best domain name providersIn previous section, we had learned how to choose a best domain name for your blog. In today’s section we will learn that who are the best domain name providers. So, before buying your domain name, first be sure about the topic and also the domain name that will be perfect for you. You must read our previous sections for more information on these topics.

How to search if domain name is available?

First step after choosing your topic is choosing a perfect domain name and the other important thing is that if the domain name is available or not.

So, CLICK HERE to check if the domain name you are searching for is available or not.

List of best domain name providers in 2014


On the top of our list is GODADDY. This is the best domain name providers around the world and with very reasonable prices. There are thousands of coupons available online through which you can also decrease the domain name prices to a great extend. They provide great technical support and also it is very easy to link your blog with your domain name. (Linking your blog to domain name has been discussed in next sections).

R. 163 .Coms at GoDaddy.*



The other domain name providers that are famous are Bigrock. These are also good domain name providers, but I will always prefer our visitors that they must prefer Godaddy for buying the domain names. Bigrock is also a good company with great support and the prices are also great for the domain names.


3. Namecheap

These are also a good domain name providers and provide domain name at very less price then other two. They provide a perfect customer services and help you to solve any issues that come in your way. They provide services like domain name forwarding, DNS settings etc.


So, now select one of the above domain name providers and start your own  new blog with a unique name of it.

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In our next section we will discuss about the best hosting providers. So, do subscribe us for learning all the tips to become a successful blogger.

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