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How to transfer website from one host to other

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If you have never moved a website from one hosting to other you will be thinking that it just requires moving data from one hosting to other. But in reality, there are number of steps to be followed for moving your website from one hosting to other. I will cover both the situations, when you have to move only hosting and other when you have to change the domain name with the hosting.

These steps if followed correctly will help in minimizing the loss to your traffic.

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Steps to transfer website from one host to other

  1. Copying your files ( Easiest steps of all)

Firstly, I would like to suggest you that don’t be in hurry of informing your hosting providers about terminating your old hosting. don’t inform your old host about terminating the old hosting before you have completed all the steps. As many times the old host may terminate your account even before you have transferred your database.

So, now first step for changing your host is copying data from cpanel. Make a MYSQL backup of your database.

transfer website from one host to other


Also take a backup of website to your computer(As shown above). Now just store this and this will be uploaded to the new web hosting.

You can even use plugins like WP-DBmanager for the complete backup of your SQL database. And just upload it to new web hosting.

2. Check internal links in your website

Now if you are  not changing your domain name with the hosting, then there is no problem of changing the internal links in the posts, whereas if you are changing your domain name as well then you will have to change your internal links inside the post.

3. Print out or save the list of your active plugins

It’s would be good if you keep a copy of your plugins to your old hosting, so that you don’t miss out or have to think of all the plugins one by one. It’s worth it that you just make a copy of your WordPress plugins.

4. Put your website in the maintenance mode

While you are transferring your web hosting from one host to other it mean while use the plugins like maintenance mode for putting your website in maintenance mode for some time.

5. Deactivate your non-essential plugins for some time

The plugins that are not required by except the maintenance mode and DB back up plugin, just deactivate the other plugins, so that they don’t create any type of problem while transferring of data.

6. Take a backup again for full satisfaction

Take a backup of your website again for satisfaction that all the data has been stored with the changes in plugins you did. If any plugin you would have deleted or updated will be stored in the backup.

7. Full my SQL dump

Now just go to phpmyadmin of your new web hosting and perform a full SQL dump or you can also prefer using the dump that your plugin WP-DB Manager provided.

8. Keep a copy with you

If there may be any problem in future so to be assured just keep a copy of database with you.

9. Make changes in the DNS setting ( For domain holders only)

If you have your own domain you will have to make changes to the DNS setting of your domain name, so as to redirect your domain name to the new web hosting.

You can change your name servers from the domain name DNS manager. Just redirect the name servers from previous hosting to the new one.

The name servers look somewhat like this:


These name servers must be replaced by the new name servers. You can check on Google for your web hosting name servers.

The changes in the settings may take upto 24 to 48 hours may be sometimes even more.

10. Don’t inform old hosting till you are satisfied with changes

Again I would like to make it clear that till you are not satisfied by the transfer of your website hosting, till then don’t inform the old hosting about changing the hosting.

Now at last just check everything is working properly and there is no bug that can affect your website. So, these was a tutorial to transfer website from one host to other. Keep visiting and subscribe us for updates about blogging tips and SEO of your website.

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  1. nice it might be good for those…
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    this would be a good trick.
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    • Hey utsav,
      Thanks for your appreciation . Yeah you are right that these tips will surely in just 10 simple steps will help to transfer your website from one hosting to other.

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  2. thought its very difficult to move the host but you made it simple and thanks !