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Top 200 free Edu and Gov sites backlinks to increase traffic and Pagerank

Top 200 free Edu and Gov sites backlinks to increase traffic and PagerankPrevious Post: How to transfer website from one host to other

Creating quality backlinks to your website is a main part of blogging that has to be done so as to increase your website reputation and also PageRank of your website. Backlinks to your website provides the trust factor that your website has and how much reputation does your website has gained over the time. We had also discussed about the advantages of the do follow link in our previous tutorials.

If talking about making backlinks to your website, some of the most trusted and quality backlinks are from the education and government websites. If you just follow the list of the websites we have provided for making backlinks to your website then surely have a great increase in your pageRank as well as your websites authority rank will increase.

In previous post, we had provided some High PR do-follow websites for making backlinks by commenting.

Download the top 200+ free Edu and Gov sites backlinks list:

Here is the file which contains the list of above 200 free Edu and Gov sites backlinks that provide high quality links to your website.


How to create backlink through these websites?

Now here are the steps that you will have to follow so as to create a backlink to your website through these gov and edu websites.

The different methods in which you can create a backlink to your website through these free Edu and Gov sites backlinks are as follows:

  • By commenting on the websites (easiest one)
  • By Signing up on the website
  • Create your own profile on these websites so as to have quality backlink to your website.
  • Don’t let the links go keep on updating your profile and uploading quality data on your website.

Some Cautions while creating backlinks

  • Don’t just go mad and create lots of backlinks in a short span of time. In such case you can get highlighted in the eyes of Google bots and you may get penalized. Google penguin is they’re looking for you.
  • Never ever gain links from any bad website with wrong reputation. This list doesn’t contain one but still if you are creating from anywhere else be careful in that case.
  • Maintain some balance between the backlinks you gain to your website both of edu and gov ones.

How to show links faster to Google?

After making some links do ping Google for letting it update your website information faster by using Pingomatic tool.

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