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How to increase Google Search CTR ? Best tricks

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The main problem in blogging field now days is that bloggers are getting very poor SERP results from their websites. The CTR through their posts is very poor. If you are one of them or you want to make your SERP results better then this is the post for you. Here in this post, I have gathered some very essential steps and tricks that will surely help in boosting up your SERP results.

So, here are the tips on How to increase Google Search CTR.

Steps to increase Google Search CTR

1. Become Google Verified Now

The very first step to follow is become Google verified now. You must take Google Authorship for making your website Google verified. Now its been more then one and half year that Google had implemented the Google authorship for bloggers. By Google authorship you can show your image in the Google search results. And it has been seen that most  of the clicks are made on the Google authorized websites.

This increases the trust factor of your website in the eye of Google.

Here is a guide on getting your website verified by Google.

How to increase Google Search CTR ?


2. Start rating your reviews

The another great method to  increase Google Search CTR is providing start rating in the your reviews section. This will surely add some boost in traffic from search engines. You can use Google Rich snippet start rating, so as to make your reviews more visible to your audience. In is observed that the posts with star rating in them are clicked more then the simple one.

There are some plugins that can also help you out in adding star rating to your reviews like “Author H review”.

3. Remove Dates from Posts now

For getting never lasting results from your posts, you must remove the date on your posts, this will also help to increase Google Search CTR. This is very much helpful in getting great results from old posts through Google.

You can check out a post from here about how to remove the dates from your Google search results.

4. Optimize your content

For better result on the search engine you must add the meta keywords and meta description to your posts. The meta description must of atmost 160 words and must contain keywords of your post for better rankings in search results.

You must also follow some On-Page SEO tips so as to increase SERP for your blog.

5. Increase Backlinks to your Posts

Making quality backlinks to your website is one of main thing that is necessary so as to increase Google Search CTR. Some best methods of creating backlinks are:

  • Guest posting : Guest post on the high PR websites so as to gain quality backlinks. You can also Guest post on allbloggingways(PR-2) for getting quality backlinks.
  • Commenting on other websites

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6. Be Regular

Be regular so as to increase your crawl rate by Google. If you will post regularly Google will crawl your posts very quick and also will provide you preference over not regularly updated websites. So, this is one of the main factor that can help in increasing your Google Search CTR. So, now update your blog regularly.

These were some steps that can help in increasing your Google Search CTR in simple way. Just follow all the steps and see a increase in your organic traffic.

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  1. Hi VIshal,

    Most required post for adsense earnings and traffic increasing. Really authorship matters a lot. But a recent update in google made many of blogs to loose its author ship.

    This has been a touch thing to get it back. Many top blogs got affected for authorship. And I do agree with removing date from SERP. As google need the updated content, it may step down our article position, if google found any other content is recently published with backlinks.

    Backlinks are building blocks. So no doubt we should surely require backlinks to boost post. And also make note for social media signals. These days they also help to boost ranking.

    Thanks for you great article.