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Which hosting is better : WordPress vs Blogger

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wordpress vs bloggerIn the previous section, we had discussed about the best domain name providers. Now in this post we will learn that which of the two blogger or WordPress is better for your new blog. Both WordPress and Blogger are used very widely all over the globe, but always new bloggers have confusion that which one to choose out of the two. So, just read following points and make it clear in your mind that which of the two web hosting is better for you.

Which is better? WordPress vs Blogger

Lots of people say that WordPress is best and other on the hand say that blogger is good. So, which one to choose of the two? Here are difference between the two web hosting.

Advantages of Choosing WordPress

WordPress comes in both free and paid versions. Now, there is also confusion that which of the two to choose? Yeah of course, if there is paid version so, it would be better and with more facilities than free one. The same case is here.

For earning money you will have to spend some on your blog, so that you can get maximum benefits from your blog. Here are some of the advantages listed about the WordPress paid version(Which is always preferred)

1. Choose your own Domain name

With most of the hosting for you get free domain name with it. So, you can provide a unique name to your blog by using paid version of WordPress. You can check out our article about how to and from where to select a perfect domain name.

2. Better security

The security of WordPress websites is good. You can use lots and lots of plugins provided by WordPress to protect your website from any kind of hacker attacks.

3. No worry of getting Removed

Blogger has a very big disadvantage, as there are lots and lots of policies of Google and Blogger is the part of Google. So, if you break any policies of blogger then your blog can get deleted from Google without even providing any reason for deletion of your blog. So, If you are thinking of blogging as your passion and for good earning then buy a good web-hosting now.

4. Tons of plugins

There are lots and lots of plugins that are available in the WordPress, so as to make your work simpler. Mainly for every purpose for security, customization, decoration, promotion etc. So, this is the one main factor due to which WordPress is preferred over Blogger.

5. More Professional

Working on WordPress provides a more professional way of blogging or creating a website. You can get thousands of themes for WordPress that are professional and responsive. So, I would prefer that you buy WordPress hosting now.

Disadvantages of WordPress

The main disadvantage of WordPress is that it is Paid. It costs about $45-$65 per year for a good web hosting. So, if you want to start a blog on WordPress then you will have to pay some amount.

If you require any help in creating a website or for setting up your website then CONTACT US, we will provide you best offers of hosting at very less price and also setup it for you for free. We are also providing 1 year full support to the person in any problem if you buy a hosting from us.

Advantages of Blogger

1. Free of cost

The blogger is the hosting that is free of cost, so this is the main advantage of making a blog on blogger.

2. Easy to create

It is very easy to create a new blog on blogger. You will first get a domain name in format: “” that can replaced by your unique domain name by redirecting it to your blog address.


3. Blogger is owned By Google

The blogger is the platform that is owned by blogger, so it is provides some benefits to new bloggers.

4. Never Hosting is down

Hosting is mainly never ever down as it is under Google supervision. So, this provides a great advantages of any data of yours to be lost.

5. Great Security

As you enter to your blogger through your gmail address, so it is very secure process. Lots of security is provided to your website, so no need to worry about any type of hacking problems.

Disadvantages of Blogger

Not for Professionals or Business websites:

The main disadvantage is that the blogger is not a good hosting if you really want to be a professional or good blogger and also it is nit suitable for the business websites as customization is very limited.

Lack of Plugins

There are very less widgets provided by blogger. So, for any thing extra to be added to your blog you have to do some programming or pick up widget codes from online and then edit it in your theme. So, this is very time consuming work.

One wrong Step Blog Gone

As it is owned by Google, so if you break any of the laws of Google your blog will be deleted without even telling you the reason about it and your all hard work will go waste.

So these are the all advantages and disadvantages of Blogger and WordPress. Mainly Professionals prefer WordPress for blogging, so we will prefer that you buy a WordPress hosting and then start your website.

In next section, we will discuss about best Web hosting providers in 2014.

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