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20 Free Web directories for building backlinks

20 Free Web directories for building backlinksWe had just provided a kick ass list of edu and gov websites for making backlinks to your website. Now, here I have just compiled a list of 50+ free web directories for building backlinks to your website. All you have to do is just visit these websites and add your website in these directories.

This list will help you in two ways: It will help in increasing backlinks to your website and also it will help in increasing your website traffic. We have just submitted our website to these directories.

Yeah I know this is a kind of time-consuming and also boring work, but yeah you will have to do some hard work to increase backlinks to your website. After creating a website the first thing must be directory submission as it can take up to few months for getting your website approved by these directories.

Till now you must be aware of the importance that directory submission holds.

Increase in Organics traffic

When you will submit your website to these list of directories I have provided to you. You will see an increase in the organic traffic to your website. Adding your website to these directories doesn’t only hep in building up your SEO but also helps in bringing some very high traffic to your website.

After carefully investigating and testing these directory sites, here I have brought a list of 50+ free web directories for building backlink to your website.

List of 50+ Free Web directories

Name of Directory           URL                                

Jayde                            (PR-6)

1websdirectory        (PR-5)

Somuch                       (PR-6)

Scrubtheweb             (PR-6)

Dmoz                            (PR-7)

1abc                              (PR-5)

Inteligentd                 (PR-3)

Amray                          (PR-5)

Illumirate                   (PR-5)

Directoryfire            (PR-4)

Freewebsitedirectory (PR-4)

Elitesitesdirectory (PR-4)    (PR-2)

Synergy-directory (PR-4)           (PR-4) (PR-5)      (PR-4)              (PR-4)

Nexusdirectory      (PR-4)  (PR-4)

This is the list of the 20 free web directories for building backlinks to your website. Just bookmark this page and now start submitting your website to all the directories one by one. Yeah it is time-consuming but it is very beneficial.

For this article, I want to give credit to Top 100 web directories but this list contained most directories that were PAID. So, We have picked up the free directories from this list and made a  post so as to help you to build quality backlinks to your website.

Hope you liked the article and was helpful for you. So, do share and comment for providing us your reviews. 

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  1. Hey vishal
    All of list is awesome i will try it.and backlink is importent to get google page rank and traffic also. Web directories which you gave us its awesome and very simple to submit our links.
    Thanks a lot to share this . 🙂

  2. Hi Vishal,
    Nice list. We are all looking to build back-links and rank and I think this is a good idea. You have actually made our work easier since we can register and do our backing linking there. I have tried some of the few sites you have posted above and can’t complain of the performance so far.

  3. Hi Vishal Thanks for submitting the informative article wanna know how much time web directory submission take to index on alexa

    • Hey Sahil,

      It can take 15 days for a link show on alexa, whereas it can take more than 3 months for a link to be shown on alexa. So, its nt fixed, it can vary on link to link, whether how and when Google see that link… So, keep building links, after few months you will see great results..

  4. Hey Vishal, first of all i just want to give a big thanks to you for such a nice list. All sites are useful which you have provided here but when checked some of them a number of sites are taking paid listings and some are reciprocal. Some are free but it seems getting links from those free sites are quite hard. Paid link or free link whatever it may be but getting niche based high PR back links is the best part of doing link building practice.