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Top Link Building Strategies for 2014

Link building strategies 2014Link building is an essential element that determines the strength and the reach of a website. It is very important factor that is useful for improving your SEO and strengthening your online presence. Google Pagerank  also depends heavily on the links to your website. So, what are the steps that helps in building more links?

If you are searching for the answer then you are at the right place. Here are some of the best link building strategies for 2014 that will help you to strengthen your website presence online.

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Best Top Link Building Strategies for 2014

Here are the tips to build links:

1. Write Quality, useful, Interesting and Fresh content

The first and simple step for building links to your website is creating fresh, useful, quality and interesting content. If your website content is useful then it will automatically gain lots of links from other websites. This is the most natural method of creating links to your website. If your website content is not good then no one will want to read it or share it. So, just create a post that is helpful to others and other like to share it and create links to it.

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2. Avoid Grammatical errors in Your post

Another thing that will help in making your posts better is avoiding the grammatical errors in your post. This will increase the quality of your post and make it more share-able.  A person will only share the content if he/she thinks that your post is helpful and will help the other people in solving their problems. If your post will contain errors then it will reduce the possibility of attracting other people.

3. Write for other websites and blogs

Try to build up links with other websites by writing content for them, or helping other bloggers in their editing and designing. This is a great method. Submit quality content to other website’s with a link to your website, this will help in creating lots and lots of new links to your website. Guest posting is also a great method to build up links to your website.

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4. Don’t Just concentrate on High PR website

Don’t just concentrate on high PR website for building links. Build links with as many website’s as you can. Don’t just try to go for high PR websites. As low PR website submit the guest posts more easily than the high PR.  websites. So, it would be better if you try to build up links with all type of websites.

5. Varying the Anchor Text

Targeting only one type of anchor text is never the best idea for building links to your website. In fact you must try to build links with other websites and by varying your anchor text.

6. Building up links through Blog Commenting

This is very easy method of building links to your website by commenting on other blogs. Just comment on other blogs so as to build links to your website. It would be better if you comment on do-follow commenting websites. These links will surely help you in building up links to your website.

7. Syndicate your Articles

Syndicate your articles at the websites like Goarticles, isnare, Ezinearticles etc. This will help you in increasing your website traffic and also build up high quality ranks. This is a great method for getting a high traffic to your website and earning links for your website.

8. Submit posts to Social networking website

Build up links with social networking and social bookmarking websites like digg, stumbleupon, pininterest,, indiblogger, twitter, facebook, google+ etc.

9. Keep link building slow and steady

The link building to your website must be slow and steady and not like this, that you build about 100’s of links in a week and nothing in next weeks. This is unnatural growth and can lead to penalties to your website by Google.

So, never ever use the link building tools to build hundreds of links in a minute.

10. Submit articles to Submit news websites

You must submit your websites to submit news websites like: Webpronews etc. This will provide exposure to your website and also links to it. This is a great method to attract lots of traffic to your website with the benefit of building links to your website.

11. Participate in forums related to your niche

Take part in the discussions related to your niche forums and leave the links to your articles by proving the solutions to the problems to other members of the forum. This will help in gaining lots of traffic, increasing links and also building up relations with other bloggers and people. Forums are also great place for finding the topic for your posts.

12. Link trading With on small-scale

You can trade for links on small-scale with your fellow bloggers and friends and exchange links. ( I Hope Google doesn’t read this 😉 ) Don’t go for link sharing softwares and hub linking, because it can cause you trouble, but link trading at small-scale will not trouble you unless you provide a reasonable space for other links on your website. Like proving links at the end of post redirecting to post of your friend, similar thing can be done by your friend. 😉

13. Place Giveaways on your websites

Another great method is to place giveaways on your websites. Hold contests and giveaways on your websites, these are great way of getting links by providing some prices in place of that.

14. Don’t just focus on Homepage

Don’t just focus on creating links to your homepage, also try to make links to your posts and other pages. This helps in strengthening your website and can also help in increasing your pagerank in better way.

15. Gaining links through media, video and images

You can also gain lots of links to your website by publishing videos, images and media linking to your website.

16. Keep account of your Backlinks

Now always keep account of the backlinks that your website is gaining. So, that it can provide you an idea of how your website is working and which are the websites that are connecting to your website. And check if there is no fast growth of your backlinks to your websites. Here are some websites that can help you in checking backlinks to your website: Alexa, Ahrefs etc.

These are the steps that can help you in increasing your website links and strengthen your website in small time. Now are you ready to gain lots of new links and have a high PageRank for your website. So, just follow these steps.

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