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How to Become a Successful Blogger: Reviews By 11 Professional Bloggers

How to Become a Successful Blogger

Today, I have compiled a list of reviews by 11 different blogger friends, on the topic “how to become successful in blogging”. Just check out the experience of all the professional bloggers and find the secret to become successful in blogging field.

Tips by 10 Professional Blogger Friends

Ankit Singla

Website: BloggerTipsTricks

Why actually you want to be successful in Blogging?
Most of you guys will answer – to help others or may be to help others and to make money online both, right?
Here you go! This is the FUNDA of Blogging success.
Start helping others without dreaming to get something in return. Help others to make money online, and you’ll be in double profit.
You will get a bright image in front of others. They will love to follow you and you’ll become successful.
Don’t let success to stop you growing. Keep sharing the love and make others happy.
This is my view is the main point that helps a person to be successful online.


Websites: nezechfifa-worldcup2014brazil

1 : Be Open from your side : actually whenever visitor reading your posts , they want to be able to connect with your words. and this is why visitors are visit “about us” page , they really liked your content and so they want to know about you. Its always better to put some of your personal info on about us page, in your posts.

2 : Focus on what visitors want : You should take that lesson and remember that you’re not writing for yourself. You’re writing for an audience.

3 : Guest Posting : Stay Active on Social Media : Meeting new people and sharing ideas is as always best way to grow up yourself.

4 : The best way to draw new readers to your blog is to write great guest posts for other blogs, what this does is it shows new audience what a great writer you are,and also your useful posts.

5 : Never stop learning and adapting. The world will always be changing.. If you limit yourself to what you knew and what you were comfortable with earlier in your life, you will grow increasingly frustrated with your surroundings as you age. So always be ready to learn new things,do not feel shy or what someone think as you are at some status. accept the truth and go ahead.

6 : Be Regular in posting , make believe to visitors that next time they come they will enjoy more on your site, give them reasons to back.

Reginald Chan

Website: Reginaldchan

For me, the definition of a successful blogger is highly related to traffic, earnings and planning. Missing any of these three and you are probably going to be in trouble.

1. Planning
This is vital. No blogger can be successful without planning. You need to plan on key factors such as:
> Website layout
> Blogging tone
> Who is your target audience?
> What you can do to make readers come back for more
> SEO strategies to be successful and for Google to shower you with traffic

2. Traffic
It doesn’t matter if you are in 2014 or beyond … you need traffic. Gone were the days where keywords will bring traffic to your blog. Instead, now is all about quality content, engagement level and social media.

Focus in building quality traffic and you will see your traffic grow by the day. Of course, making you one step closer to success.

3. Earnings
I probably said this a thousand time and I will say it again. Blogging is not about making money. Instead, blogging is passion. However, if you want be successful, you probably need earnings to maintain your blog. This can be done through affiliate sales, Adsense, services and many more.

The trick here is not which will give you the most money, but instead, it is all about which will give you the best ROI (return of investment). There is absolutely no point selling one product (giving affiliate sales of $200) per year than selling 100 products (giving affiliate earning of $10 each).

If you want to be a successful blogger, you got to think out of the box to be successful!


Website:  Just Web World
Hello Everybody, I am Harshil Barot From JustWebWorld. First of all Thanks a Lot to Vishal Sharma to Giving me a Chance to Express My View on How to become a Successful in Blogging.
The Blog is a Platform for
-To express yourself
-To share the experience you have
-To share the knowledge you have
-To learn from other people.

The Steps of Successful Blogging in My View is Below:
1. First Think about What you want to Blog about.
2. Choose a Good Web Host
3. Register a Domain that Easily Remembered by Users.
4. Make a Unique Theme For Your Blog.
5. Write Write and Write a Interesting Contents.
6. Advertise your Blog Online and Offline.(Promote Your Blog Offline)
7. Connect with Other Bloggers.
8. Join Blogging Community.
9. Understand your Readers.
10.Don’t Be Selfish
11. On Page Optimization of Your Blog(SEO)
12. Grow Your Social Media Profiles(Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn)
13. Use Social Bookmarking Sites(,Reddit,Stumbleupon,Digg)
14. Keyword Research
15. Blog Commenting
16. Forum Posting
17. Guest Posting On Others Top Blogs.
18. Email Marketing
19. Start a Youtube Channel and Make Unique Videos
20. Paid Tactics(Google Adwords,Facebook Advertising)
21. Start a Giveaway
22. Buy Text Links
23. Entertain your Readers.
24. Link Building
25. Interviews of great bloggers
So, There are Some Steps we discuss above for Become Successful in Blogging.
Final Word
I Want to Say Few Words, If you Want to Become a Successful in your Life then the First thing is try to become a Good Person in your Life, if you are a Good Person then Automatically People Liking you and following you and the Second thing Always Do what you Love and Do Only that work you are really Passionate about and Always Helping others, respect people never underestimate Peoples then Peoples automatic Loving you.

Abdul samad (Only 14yrs of Age)

Website: Born Blogger 

Blogging has become a Part of every person life. Whena person doesn’t blog and he read’s other blogs and see them being successful, then the person thinks that he will also start the Blogging and he will also become a good blogger means PRO BLOGGER but this is not easy work.
Blog needs something from you for becoming a successful blogger that’s why I would like to share this post with you all.
So, here are the steps that can help you in being successful in blogging:

1. Writing Good and Quality Contents

The main thing that blogger must do is write quality and good content. The blogosphere that write good and quality Content this mean that don’t write words, Write information always become successful in life. Because mostly newbie try to copy the content and just write long paragraphs.
By This a Way you are showing Google Algorithms that you are SPAMMER.
But if you want to be really successful then write quality posts.
2. Don’t Copy Others, Make your Own Contents
Yes! This is needed for every newbie that don’t be a copycat. If you’re copying contents then this is not a way of getting success because don’t forget the Google Algorithms.
3. Guest Posts
Guest Posts is the good way of getting traffic and became a PRO BLOGGER because you’ll get do follow link which Means followed by search engine crawler. So you’ll get good traffic. You will also get loyal visitors to your own blog or site.
4. Make Social Friends
Friends this thing is also needed for blogger that make some social friends like your niche is blogging then make bloggers friends and your niche is another then make that niche social friends. This will help you to build good online relations and become active online.
5. Never Give Up
Yes, many times the newbie’s don’t get better money or not earning any of money then newbie’s thinks that we should leave blogging because I’m not making money. In my opinion guys this is not way to leave blogging because doesn’t give up until you get successful in life.
Giving up is never an option.
Enjoy your successful journey of blogging world! Peace and Happy Blogging!

Rohit Chugh

Website: Careerandtricks

So here we go if you want to be successful in your life in blogging or internet field then just do hard work do research and don’t get de-motivated.
If you are not earning just do things consistently and after that you will get success one day, just be positive always and never lose hope. Best of luck.
We have many examples like Mr Amit Aggarwal form labnol he was an iitan and leave his god job at that time we cannot think of leaving so good job and jumping into blogging field.
One more example we have Darren Rowse from pro blogger and many more example we have in CPA we have example of Vipul Taneja and in youtube. We have example of Mr. Anurag Joshi and more they never lost his battle with their failures and now they are successful.


Website: Root my android

“Success in Blogging” is very vast term in itself; it depends upon Person to person. Some want a good authority in Blogging, a few aim for Money, Others dream for readers.
So Success Mantra goes very different for different People. It always depend on what Aim for, the Higher you Aim the More you Get.
In my case Success is helping People (being in my comfort level) and making a few bucks out of it.
Ill continues further with ideal Strategy to get to the Zenith in Blogging.
Face Failure – it is for the Good.
Don’t expect everything to go in the right direction for your first try at blogging.
You will probably learn many things from your first blog. So don’t think it was all waste of time. This was Learning A to Z of Blogging.
Always be motivated towards your Goal.
The only things that can make you jump through the failure and Success Bridge is Motivation.
Read Novels and watch inspirational Movies.
Finding the right niche – Crucial step
You need to spend a lot of time on finding the right niche to blog on. Don’t search from the CPC that a niche offers. Go with the LOW Competition and HIGH Search Volume. Every niche has a tendency to convert.
You never know the actual CPC of your Keywords
No one knows the actual CPC of a keyword. If you think Google Adwords Just told you CPC, then you are wrong. If you want to Argue on this then Do comment and I will tell you in detail.
Be in your Comfort
Don’t go for a niche with high CPC or LOW Competition and HIGH Search Volume if you are not comfortable with it.
Blogging is all about generating creative and unique content and this can only be done if you are familiar and comfortable with the Niche you choose.
Be Punctual – It’s worth It
Maintain a consistency to blog. Let it be as low as twice a week. But make sure it is not more than that. Follow a trend and you will have Google at your Door step.
SEO is in the Title
Yeah, I mean it. No Keyword stuffing, no spamming, no social head banging. Generate quality content. And spend as much as 15 minutes only to configure the best title for your Post.
Title will get you through every Thing. But don’t make Title longer than 70 characters.
Back linking – Make Links but not everywhere
try to make only quality links to your blog, that too only through guest posts and not spamming into web 2.0 properties. Guest posts are a must but only on similar niched blo

Get Outa your Bed – Be more productive

Its hard for all to find an office, so just pick up a table and a chair far away from your bed and then blog productively. Make Physical Notes, Maintain a Diary, and build more strategies on paper than your mind, they convert more.

Don’t Run after money – Content is KING

Blog for your readers and your friends, Not for search engine or Money. I Know Money keeps a person motivated but also makes a person blind and extracts the creativity of the person. So Blog for your Readers and it will automatically make you earn.
Remember AdSense is not the Last thing in the world.


Website: Trick4pc

So many bloggers think the hardest part of becoming a blogger is getting started. But That part is so easy. But The hard Part is Setting up your blog and get good ranking. So Today I Will Tell You Some Basic Tips For Become a successful Blogger.
1. Make Professional Design For Your Blog : Blog Design is Really matter for getting good reputation and make your blog design SEO friendly, responsive and Fast Loading
2. Content Is King : As You All know Content is King so write unique and high quality content and add some keyword inside your article and promote your article properly for getting huge traffic on your site.


Website: Daily tech media
To build a successful blog is not a day’s job. It requires many years of hard work, determination, patience and personal discipline from you as a blogger. Many top blogs you see around took years of hard work and sleepless nights to build; it wasn’t built in a day.
To build a successful blog, you need to take each challenge as it comes, never give up and focus more on blogging for passion and not for money. Spend more of your time writing quality contents, Building quality backlinks and also building an interactive social community with your fans.

I started Blogging early this year and I failed on my first attempt, I started blogging because I thought blogging was a ‘get rich’ think and so my main focus was making money and not passion. Soon, I realized that money wasn’t coming and then i got frustrated. In my frustration i closed my first blog and bid goodbye to blogging. Now I realize that building a blogging requires a lot of determination and patience. My passion for blogging has grown and that’s what is keeping me going. So , To build a successful blog ,

•Work more on your content’s quality. Try to make it 100% original and interesting

•Work on your SEO and try to get more organic traffic.

•Build a Highly interactive community with your fans on social media.

•Build high quality back links from tops blogs in your niche.

•Have patience, blog for passion and not for money. With time, money will come.

Follow these tips and you’re on the right track to build a successful blog.

Srihari Thalla

Website: Daxserver

Here are what I think are the steps to become successful. Altogether they make a Blogger successful.

What is your Niche?
The first step of a beginner is to find what your niche is. It is the field where you are Good. You don’t have to the best but you must know what you are going to blog.
Content, Content, Content
Content is King. Write content that solves other’s problems. Write content that makes people engage and share with others.
Write for people, not for search bots.
Engage => Trust => Loyality => Authority
Engage with your followers. This builds Trust in them – which turns to Loyality – which makes you an Authority.
Optimize your blog for search engines.
Site Optimization
Have an unique design. Other optimizations include reliable hosting, site speed, etc.,.
A clean, clear and simple webpage is easily understood.
Build your presence in social media. You can’t depend entirely on search engines as they might change. But helpful content will never.
People love to share.
Connect with others in your niche. Monitor what others bloggers write. Learn from them. Keep up to date.

Rizwan Shajahan (14 yrs age)

Website: Bloggerkid

Blogging is a way of expressing your thoughts and knowledge while earning a handsome income. Nowadays, most blogger start a blog to earn money. Most of them are unsuccessful because they go for money in their starting phase. Yeah! That’s the first point, you should not go for money in the starting level of your blog.

During this stage, you should post constantly and try to gain some social media presence and search engine ranking. This is a crucial stage of your blog and it may extent up to 6 months. During these months, you should not add any adverts. This stage contributes to the building of a good base for your blog. Now, let’s take our blog to the next level. You should not take your blog as a business in the first level.

But now, you should start converting your blog into a business or a brand. If you don’t have a good base, then probably your blog will be down in this level. And that’s the second point, Convert your blog into a business. Only then you will have success in blogging. You should start services that you can do. And the last point, never quit just because you did not get success in the first level. You should only concentrate on SEO and blog posting in the first level of your blog.

These are the reviews by 11 different bloggers for how to become successful in blogging. I hope you learned lots of new things from this post.

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