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Why Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail’s ? How to Cope with it

Why Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail's

Social Networks are the ideal places for business whether operating on a large scale or a small scale to promote their services, products, increasing sales leads, make new clients and connect with potential customers. The best part is you can start your social media marketing campaign with little or no investment, but in this case knowledge and working on late hours are required.

Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Campaign Fails:

The facilities which major social networks provide are enough to start your online business. You can establish your business even if you don’t have a website. When I started managing social media campaigns I was very amazed to see that many of the home and family based businesses were making sales through their Facebook pages to earn an extra living for a good life style.

Honestly, those were the companies who helped me to understand how social media marketing actually works and how to utilize the power of social media to establish business. Similarly, I was surprised when I saw that Dell is making sales through twitter and that made me understand the power of text box which only allow you to write 140 characters in it.

Social media marketing

There is a misconception which exists in the internet marketing community that success of your social media campaigns depends upon the numbers. Example like the number of fans on your Facebook page, number of followers you have on twitter, number of subscriptions on your YouTube channel etc. This is a very wrong perception which can ruin your marketing campaign, its good to have a large numbers but this is not something on which you should rely.

Secret of Good Social Media Marketing

The secret of a good social media marketing campaign is to build relationships and success of the marketing campaigns depending upon the good relationships you have in your niche and how much your network trusts you. It is all about developing a good profile and reputation. As an ambassador of your brand you should be impressive and cooperative as well so that you can attract more people which can in the future be turned into a potential customer or client.

Why Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail's

Everything in the social media world is viral. Whether something good or bad shared by someone, it goes viral and will spread all over the web in an instant from network to network and you cannot stop it. Means, if someone shares negative experience after using your services or product it will create a bad impression for your brand among the network and if someone shares some positive experience then it will create a good impression for your brand which results into trust and more customers.

Numbers have literally nothing to do with the success of your marketing campaign and buying fans and followers really doesn’t make any sense to me. I know a company which bought a 1000 fans for 500$, well the number looks good but the reality is very scary. The page was liked by fake profiles and by the users who charge to like a page, they also hide the posts of your page from their wall.

That simply means the posts of the page will be not visible to anyone besides the people who know the company and are interested in what the company is up to. So the bottom line is to struggle for making good relationships rather than collecting fans, followers, subscriptions etc who just don’t give a damn about you and the stuff you are sharing.

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