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How to work on Organic Search engine optimization

Organic Search engine optimization Organic Search Engine optimization is the process in which one work’s on a specific keywords that can help the website to increase its rankings and traffic. This is also referred to as natural or plain SEO. The effect of this SEO can be seen for a  long time and helps in increasing the Search Engine rankings. 

You don’t have to pay for these organic keywords like you can do on Google Adwords. You will have to work just on some particular keyword that is best suited for your business or website. You have to research a keyword for which you want that your website comes at the top.

There are many steps that you have to take into consideration for working on Organic search engine optimization. 

Steps for Working on Organic Search Engine Optimization

There are many steps for making your website’s ranking better by using organic SEO. These steps are discussed as below:

  • Keyword research: The first and the main step in field of organic Search Engine optimization is keyword research. This means that find keywords or phrases for your website that your visitors might search for on Google or any other search engine. Now our goal will be target as much as you can on that keywords or phrases as much as you can so as to gain maximum traffic from that keywords. I will suggest you to check the competition and the popularity of the keyword before working on the keyword. You can check the keywords from Google’s Keyword planner. Check for high popularity and less competition.
  • Now the next step is SEO copyright. Now after selecting your target keywords you have to write as much content as you can on these particular keywords or phrases. This will help in bringing your website up in ranking for these specific keywords.
  • On-page and off-page SEO: Now next step comes working on On-page and off-page SEO of your website. This will help in making your website strong for that particular keyword. In this step comes optimizing your website code, links, anchor text and all other seo. Check On-page and off-page SEO tips for websites for some more helpful tricks helping in your organic search engine optimization.
  • Build backlinksNow next step contains different methods to create more links to your website and also from your website. Internal as well as external links are very essential for building a place for your website on internet. So, start building backlinks for your website as soon as possible.
  • Promote your websiteNow promote your website for better results. Check different techniques that can help in promoting your blog and build a great online presence for your website.

Important things to care about in Organic Search Engine optimization

  1. Don’t over-optimize your post or blog. As this can raise a flag against you in search engine’s and thus even ban you. Over-optimization comes under “blackhat SEO techniques“.
  2. Patience is very important when you are working on Organic Search Engine optimization, as it takes time for bringing your website up in search results unlike paid keywords.
  3. Content you provide on your blog must be quality content then only you will rank high on search Engines and then only you will get high traffic to your blog.
  4. The design of your blog must be attractive and not dull as it may led your visitors to never visit your website again.

This organic Search engine optimization work fine for few selected keywords, so choose your keywords carefully and start boosting your blog’s traffic.

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  1. Great Job, it is awesome tutorial for seo seekers but i like to know about the best backlink making techniques be it Link submission and others,

  2. Your content absolutely impressed me. But it is good to get post share on social media, especially Google+, it indicates as votes.

  3. Nice Post on Website Optimizing on Google Search 🙂

  4. Hi Vishal,
    Nice SEO tutorial. . Agree we should never do blackhat seo methods. . Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Hi Vishal, I’ve read your blog and it’s wonderful in a word from where I’ve also learnt some new things. Anyway, I’ll add something on your keyword research point. Actually I’ve tried keyword planner but it seems to me somewhat boring rather I find my exact keyword or even I can do keyword analysis through colibrit tool. I think it will be helpfull for most bloggers. If interested, then give a free trial first from and check how it works. Thanks

    • Thnks Kamrul for your reply.. I think that Google keyword planner is also good, but yeah I hv tried colibrit tool it is also great, I will surely recommend my viewers this tool 🙂