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How to index blog posts faster on Google

How to index blog posts faster on GoogleHave you written a killer article after a long research and still it has not been indexed on Google or get index after a long time?  You must have checked out websites who get there posts in just few hours or minutes. What are the different methods that help in “how to index blog posts faster”? If you are finding an answer for this then here are the all different steps that you must follow for bringing your website’s post indexed faster on Google and other search Engines.

Here are the steps that you must follow:

How to index blog posts faster: steps

1. Always write Quality content

The main and very essential thing that you must keep in mind is that you must always write quality content on your website. The better is your content in SEO aspects better are the chances of it for getting indexed on Google. Don’t ever copy content from other websites, this can even penalize your website. The research of the topic must be done properly and then only the post must be written.

Visitors always visit a website in a hope that they will get some help or some suggestions from it. So, always try to write content that can help your visitors in their problems and to guide them.

2. Submit Articles to all Social bookmarking websites

Now the next step after writing a quality post would be promoting it. The best way of promoting your new post is submitting your post to all the social bookmarking websites. There are a quite large number or social bookmarking websites, out of which some of the best are as follow: List of best social bookmarking websites.

3. Build Quality backlinks for your website

Now next step that you must follow is making new and quality backlinks to your website. The links must be both internal as well as external. The backlinks can be made through many different steps, if you are in need of finding some then do visit this post: How to create quality backlinks for your website. Don’t ever use the backlink generators for making backlinks to your website. Otherwise it may have adverse affects.

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4. Submit website’s sitemap on all search engines

For getting your website posts submit faster on Google you must always submit your website to all the search engines. If you are not yet indexed on Google, Bing and many other such search engines then do it today. If your website is indexed on all these search engines then you will get your post indexed faster. Submitting sitemap to search engines helps in informing google about your new articles.

5. Submit post to all Social networking websites

Now its time to promote and get traffic to your posts, the best method of it is the social media. There are a large number of social networking websites online that can help you in increasing your website’s traffic and also it will help in getting your website’s post indexed faster on Google.

6. Manual Method of Getting your website post indexed faster:

The manual method of getting your website post faster is fetching your website post as Google. This can be done by visiting Google webmasters.

Get indexed fast on Google


  • Visit Google masters
  • Click on Craw option on your left sidebar.
  • Under that click on Fetch as Google.
  • Now just enter your website name or post name in the option of URL and just click Fetch.
  • After few minutes depending upon how much time Google Bots take, your post will be reviewed then click on submit and it will take few more minutes and your post will get indexed faster on Google.

I hope you have got all the steps on how to index blog posts faster that I have discussed in this post. If you have any queries or have any other best method for indexing your post on Google just share it with our visitors. Try out all of this steps and see how your post will start indexing faster on Google and other search Engines.

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  1. Hey mate

    Nice write. I think the best and fastest way is to always submiy a sitemap. That works like charm. Backlinks does a good job too but it depends on the site. If that site has low authority, chances are that it is (too) hoping for faster indexation.

    If the article can be shared probably a dozen time or so, it will help speed up the index part.

    Well said indeed and thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Reginald.. Yeah you are right that sitemap submission is the best and fastest way of all and the blogger must always prefer it first..

      Thnks for your valuable comment…

  2. Very nice tips Vishal. This can help blogger to get their post index very fast so that they can get more visitor to their recent posts.

    • Yeah you are right Sanket these tips will surely help our visitors for getting more traffic to their blog due to faster indexing.. 🙂

      Thnks for your response Sanket 🙂 keep visiting 🙂

  3. Hey Vishal

    Thanks for this article, your articles are just worth reading and acting upon.

    Just Keep Writing, Best Of Luck 🙂

  4. nice article bro…
    thanx for it.
    keep it up

  5. Hey Vishal bro! Thanks a lot 🙂

    I didn’t knew about the 6th step. Thanks to you, now I know one more awesome feature of Google webmaster tools!

    Keep on the good work 😉

  6. Hey Vishal,

    Every blogger wants his articles to be indexed faster to get more exposure from Search Engines. nice tips buddy 🙂 I would recommend to give more importance to backlinks and sitemap. By the way, i haven’t used the 6th method yet, Well i think it is limited, you can do only 500 fetches.

    • Yeah you are right Siraj that every body wants his or her article to be indexed fast and so here are the tips 🙂

      And yeah there are 500 fetches allowed by Google but its enough to increase your indexing speed. 🙂

      Keep supporting 🙂