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Reviews: – Best Google Adsense Alternative

The Best Google Adsense Alternative Yahoo Bing Ads Media.Net in past these few months have come up as a great Google adsense alternative. If you are banned from Google Adsense and you are looking for an alternative then you can just try your luck for these ads. I have followed many reviews of my friends about ads (also called Yahoo Bing! Ads), and according to most of them they are satisfied with whereas some of them are complaining about not earning a penny from it.

Here are some reasons that why you should opt!

Why Choose

  • According to lots of my friends pays a great pay if you are having a good amount of visitors to your website. One of my friends earned $100 in just a month time, and many are earning good amount every day.
  • They provide a good Cost per Click revenue. may beat google adsense in many fields if you have a Good traffic to your website.
  • They have contextual ads, which are the best ads available on internet, I suppose. There ads are attractive and also doesn’t make your website look ugly.
  • They provide with the mobile ads, so be ready to earn from mobile users.
  • Minimum threshold of Yahoo Bing ads network is $100 and can be easily achieved if you get a nice traffic.
  • I have approval of many friends that have given a positive response when asked if pays. So, no need to worry about payment.


The Best Google Adsense Alternative Yahoo Bing Ads Media.Net Review



Drawbacks of

  • has a very tough approval process. They apply condition that you must have high traffic from USA and Canada. So, here where it is not good for many websites that have less traffic from these countries.
  • If you have more of your visitors from bloggers, webmasters and tech visitors then you may have disadvantage in this field as you will be paid less for these type of traffic.

How to Apply for

It is very easy to apply for, just follow these steps:

  • Login to publishers.
  • Click on request an invite.
  • Add your website for approval.
  • The process can take up to 2-3 weeks for approval.
  • So, apply and wait for your luck. 🙂


If you are stabbed by Google adsense then apply for this adsense alternative that may beat Google in many fields. So, I hope you liked then post, so do comment for your response.

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  1. Hi Vishal, you have said it all. Though not adsense publisher but approved my account under 4 days and the earnings have been good. Am even beginning to think they pay better than adsense

  2. Bro What a post you have written… Thinking to use it ….