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List Of best websites that Pay for Guest Posting: Earn Upto $150

websites that Pay for Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best method of gaining quality links to your website. What if, you also get paid for writing guest posts? Yeah, you can get paid for writing quality guest posts for websites that I will be discussing here. You can get paid up to $150per post if it gets approved.

Previously I had discussed about freelancing websites that pay you for completing your jobs. In that websites there were middle men there that used to cut commission of your jobs. But in these websites there are no middle men. So, you can earn good earnings from these websites.





List of best sites that pay for Guest Posting


If you know about web designing and you can write a quality post about the designing then you must try here. This is a great website that can pay upto $125 per post if it gets approved. So, just go this website and start earning.


This is a great website that provides upto $150 per post. They pay for creating tutorials on the softwares, adobe photoshop, maya, designing, animations etc. If you have knowledge of any of above topics then you can try this website out. You can check through the link the more options they provide for tutorials.


As it was in tutorial similarly you can earn through this website by providing them with the tutorials that are yours own and are not copied from any other website. They pay upto $150 per post.


This is a great website that pay you for writing a guest post on the topics like “List of top 10_____” . You also get a quality link to your website for guest posting here. You can earn upto $150 per post.  Your post must be unique and not present anywhere on internet.


You must have heard of the themes that this website provides. Do you know it also pay you for writing reviews for the different products that they sell. They pay upto $100 per post. So, get started and write as much as you can for this website.

  1. Review me

You can make a large money by just reviewing and promoting their products. So, get started and get paid upto $200 for your work.


A great website that pays you a great amount for writing posts for them. You can easily earn $500 per month if you work regularly on this website through your blog.

  1. Site

Another great website that pays for Guest posting. You can earn good amount from this website. You can earn upto $100 per post, isn’t it great. J


Get paid for writing each post get paid upto $50 per 600 words post. You can earn a lot from it by writing quality articles for this website.

  1. Photoshoptutorials

Get paid for posting some really good tutorials that are nowhere on internet and get paid upto $300 per tutorial. A great amount but is very difficult to get approved as there are lots of tutorials out there so you must post a tutorial that is purely new and good quality.

I hope you liked the list of the websites that pay for guest posting on them. So, now get started and choose the website that suits you the best.

There are lots of opportunities on internet You just need to search them.

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