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Best ways to promote your Website in 2013

 ways to promote your WebsiteYou have just written a post and now you are worrying about how to get more visitors to the post or your website. What are the ways that can help you? What are the best methods to promote your website? Here you go…. In this post I have brought you all the best methods of promoting your website easily.

The ways to promoting your blog are changing with changes in Google Panda and penguin updates. The following list of tips that I have discussed in this post are the one that will help you to grow your blog traffic with a boost in 2013.

Best ways to promote Your Website

1. Through Social Media: Share and Posting on it

In my view if you are in the mood of promoting your blog, then the social media is the best place that can make that possible. There is a large list of social media on the top of which comes Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, Digg etc. Share and post your website links here on these type of social networking websites. Make as much new friends you can make through these social media that can help you gaining the everyday visitors to your blog.

Through Facebook you can gain a huge amount of visitors to your blog. Just join the best Blogging groups on the facebook and increase your interaction with your co-bloggers. Also create pages related to your blog that can help in adding some more visitors to your website.

Twitter, stumbleupon, Digg, linkedin, Google+, pininterest etc. and all can also be used as well for gaining a lots of traffic to your blog. Just add your posts links to these social networking websites and see the change in your traffic.

2. Guest Blogging/Blog Commenting

Next  to our list comes the guest blogging and blog commenting. The second best method to promote your blog is comment and Guest post on the other reputed blogs. Commenting on the other website is the simple and easy method to promote your blog. Whereas you can easily promote and also get a link a link with other website through Guest posting. So, do Guest post on other blogs.

You can also Guest post on our blog. 🙂

3. Submit Website to Social Bookmarking Websites

The other great method to promote your website is submitting your website to Social Bookmarking websites. Submit your link to the Social Bookmarking websites and thus increasing your websites traffic to a great extend. You can just Check My post: List of Best Social Bookmarking websites So, as to promote your website. The bookmarking websites like: Reddit, Digg, Delecious and much more.  Lots of new and permanent visitors can be created from social Bookmarking websites. These websites send a huge traffic to your website.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your blog and your posts in the best ways you can. Search engine optimization is the process by which you can increase the visibility and rankings of your website in  the search Engines So, as to increase your websites traffic and thus promoting your website in best. Read as much SEO artciles you can, and learn different tricks to improve your websites Optimization.  Check your websites SEO through different tools and improve the optimization by correcting the incorrect things you find in these tools.

5. Build Presence on internet

Create as many friends and followers you can on the internet so as to build your presence on internet. Join Communities and Groups. Befriend with other bloggers that are online so as to create good relations on internet. Join forums to get active on internet.

In my views if you take into consideration these all steps, I am sure you will able to promote your website in a great a way and start getting lots and lots of traffic to your website. If you have any more points then do share it with us. 🙂

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