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List of best wordpress plugins 2013: All in one post

best wordpress pluginsHey friends, Recently we have moved to WordPress hosting from blogger. And here is my first post after the change. Here in this post I have brought a must use list of Best WordPress Plugins 2013 that one must use in their website. These plugins will make your website secure, increase SEO, make it more attractive and also increase traffic to your website.

Now here is the list of best WordPress plugins that you must apply on your blog. These all plugins are Favorite WordPress Plugins that you must use.

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List of best WordPress plugins

This is a must use plugin that is present in your website account when you start a WordPress blog. You have to just activate it and add your API key into it for activating it. This is a plugin that is used for protecting your website from comment and trackback spams. You need to make just a account on and register an API key.

After doing this all there is nothing to worry about spam. You are now safe from spam. 😀

This is another must have plugin in WordPress. It helps in connecting your WordPress blog to and provides all the stats of visitors and visits to your website. It also provides large variety of other features in it like Facebook like box, blog subscription, Gravatar profile, RSS link, Top post widget, twitter timeline and much more features.

This is must use plugin so as to index your website to Google. This plugins help search engines like Google, bing, yahoo, ask etc to crawl your posts faster. So, just add this plugin to your wordpress and stay tension free from submission of your blog to different directories.

This is very essential tool if you want to live secure , without any tension of any misshapen or loosing your data. You must check my previous post on : “Best backup plugin for WordPress” and select your plugin that suits you best.

A great plugin for increasing your websites comments and also helps in attracting more visitors towards the comment box. Add this plugin and do some simple changes in it and then start making huge number of comments. You can also comment below  and leave a link of your website below 😉

The security of the website is a must thing that you must add to your website at first. You can check my previous post on: “Best Security plugin” for your website. Protect your websites from snoopers that want to harm your website. Protect your website and make it secure, so that you can sleep without any tension in the night 😀

If you want that your website get a large amount of exposure and also it has a great increase in traffic then, the best thing to do is add social plugins to your website. Like in my website you can see shareholic plugin. If you are there now so do share this post with your friends. Here is the list of best social plugins for your website.

In my previous post of “How to protect your blog content from copying”  i talked about tynt tool that helps in creating a link of your website after the content that is copied from your website. So, apply this great plugin to your WordPress after creating an account in tynt. And then just follow the given steps in the website and become secure from your content being copied.

Now one of the most important category comes in here. That is seo plugins. The best plugin for WordPress if you  want it for free is SEO by yoast. Whereas if you have some funds with you then you can go for SEOPressor V5, which is the best plugin for WordPress in 2013.

Now its time to discuss about the best WordPress plugins for speeding up your websites. Here is a list of few:

  1. Quick Cache plugin: best WordPress plugins

This is a great plugin that helps to increase your website speed by a great margin. This plugin helps in pre-loading your websites plugins, images and links and thus help in improving your websites loading speed.

2.  WP

This plugin helps in compressing the images of your blog so as to fasten your websites speed. It helps in compressing all the images in your blog and thus increase your websites speed by great amount.

3. WP minify

This is a must have plugin, it helps in compressing the JS and CSS files and thus make your blog load really very fast. Really a great plugin.

Plugins for decreasing Bounce rate: Best WordPress plugins

Now here are some plugins that can help in increasing the time span of your visitors on your blog and thus helps in decreasing your bounce rate. Here is a list of few great plugins.

1. Popular Posts widget

A great plugin that tell your visitors about the most popular posts and it is a great way of increasing CTR of your posts. So, must add this to your WordPress blog.

2. Random Post widget

Another nice plugin for increasing time span of your visitors on your blog. It provides your visitors with some random post from your blog.

3. Related posts

Show your visitors some related posts that are similar to your post. So, that it decreases your bounce rate.

4. Recent posts widget

Tell your visitors about the most recent posts that you have recently posted.

Plugins for building up regular visitors

Here are some plugins that can be used for increasing your regular visitors.

1. Subscription widget

Build up your website’s regular visitors by subscribing them to your blog. Add this great plugin and such send your latest posts to your subscribers.

2. Facebook like box

This is also a must plugin in a website: Facebook like box, twitter follower box and also google+ followers. This is also Best WordPress Plugins for Traffic.

This was the list of all the Best WordPress Widgets. If you have applied all these plugins then I am sure that you are very close to become a popular blogger and your website will be  a great success.

Your Turn

If you had question in your mind that: what are plugins for WordPress, I hope this questions answer has been revealed. I hope you liked the list of Best Wp-Plugins and have added all the plugins that you like out of these. Just subscribe us if you want regular updates from our website. Also comment below for your response. And if you have some more important plugins then do share with us. 🙂

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