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Short Length and Long Length Post Difference: Which post length is better for your Blog?

Short Length and Long Length Post Difference: Which post length is better for your Blog?
The post length is really very much important for determining that if your website is able to attract visitors or not. If your post length is very small or very large it will affect your blog adversely in both the conditions. So, choose the right one carefully. The minimum post length of your blog must be 400 words in my view. Smaller post then this is not effective in attracting traffic and also not seo friendly.

Here are the differences and advantages of short length and long length posts:

1.       Short Length Post

This type of post consists the post with length of about 400-1000 words. The post in this category has following advantages.

Less Time consuming

The short posts are less time-consuming. You can write a good short length post in about 1 hour. But it all depends upon speed of typing. I take about half an hour to write good short length post. 😉

Attracts huge Audience

If you are providing a short length post then it attracts lots of audience. Most of the audience want their problem to be solved in less time. They concentrate only about 1-2 minutes for reading an article.
So, provide the visitors the material that is sufficient for them. And don’t repeat the same thing again and again in the post, only to increase the post length.
The attraction doesn’t only depend upon the size, it basically depends upon the quality of content, so provide them with quality content.

Can Be Published Daily

A short length post can be published daily. As it takes less time to write it as I discussed above.

2.       Long Length Post

This post generally consists of words more than 1000 words. Here are some advantages of it.

Deep study of the Topic

You must have visited websites like Wikipedia, of-course you would have. These websites provide long length posts which cover the topic deeply. In short length post we only provide the overview of the topic.
So, if your website is based on deep content study then use long length posts.

Attract large traffic: On regular basis

The content you provide in the long length post is like base of successful website.  Now also long length posts are preferred over short length post. It results in the traffic overtime. The visitors come again and again to read the same topic.

SEO Friendly

The long length posts are generally very seo friendly. As it cover lots of keywords on the internet. It also builds lots of backlinks with other websites.

What To Choose??

In my view if you are providing only the basic overview of the topic on your website then choose short length post and if your post is on the basis of deep study of the topic then use long length post.
Basically in my view it doesn’t depend a lot on the length of the post provided it must be greater than 400 words, in basically depends upon the quality of the post that if attracts an audience or not.
Here are the Tips for writing a quality post for your post.
I think that before writing a post I never think of size, I always focus more on the content that I would be providing to the visitors.
What is your choice??? Short or long length post??  Comment 😉

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