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How to transfer your website from WordPress to blogger: easy way

How to transfer your website from WordPress to blogger: easy way

Many times this happens with websites owners that they don’t want to pay for another year to WordPress hosting and also at the same time don’t want to lose their website. So, there is an easy solution for that, you can transfer your website to Blogger.

Blogger provides free web hosting, and in this way you can transfer your blog from WordPress to blogger without loosing your posts, pages and all content in it. It is really very simple to move your blog from WordPress to blogger.
You can import every thing to your blogger hosting except the theme of WordPress, you will have to choose a new theme for that.

If you are confused that which of the two blogger or WordPress is better than you can follow my post WordPress vs Blogger for an overview that which of two hosting is better.
But now here are some steps that will help you to transfer your website from WordPress to Blogger.
Just read the steps carefully:

1. export First Step

The first thing that you will have to do for transferring your website from WordPress to blogger is exporting.
How its done? Here are the simple steps:
  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on tools
  • now click on Export option.
  • You can select the things that you want to export i.e. posts, pages etc. In my view you must select all.
  • Now click on Download Export file.
how to transfer website from wordpress to blogger

You will download a file that would be similar to “nameoftheblog.wordpress.dateofexport.xml”.

this a back up file of your blog. 
Now the second step is to convert the WordPress format to your blogger’s format.

2. Convert WordPress format To blogger Format

This can be done using the link below. Convert your word press format to blogger format by just clicking the below link and following the steps.


This link will convert your XML file to blogger format.
The file now you get would name “blogger-export.xml.”

3. Import file to Blogger

Now the final step is to import your website content to blogger.
Follow the following steps to import your website into exciting blog or create a new blog for it.
how to transfer website from wordpress to blogger


  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • “line-height: 17.98611068725586px;”>Click on settings—>others—>Blog tools—>import
  • Now browse for your converted code and then choose the options that suits you i.e. you want to publish all posts or manually publish the post. A capche code will also been shown their fill it.
  • You are done!!
congrats’ your mission is successful 😉
Now customise your blog as you want and choose a nice template for it.
Congratulations you are now on bloggers , you can visit my posts on blogger for any guidance on any topic.
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hope you liked the post 🙂 

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