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How To add Adsense inside The Blog Post

How To add adsense inside the blog

As you know that very fewer people click on ads provided in the website, so people think of adding the ads in between the blog post. Many of visitors of blog ask this question to me that how I have add the Adsense into the blog post. So, here are the two methods that can help you in placing your ad anywhere inside the blog post.
Here are two methods, one is the permanent method, but is little bit complex and other is very easy method, but you will have to repeat it again and again in every single post.

Lets begin with easy method: Not recommended method:

Ad the Google Adsense Code Into Post

First method is really very simple, what you all have to do is add the Google Adsense code inside the Post. Here are the steps to do that :
  • Go to your Google Adsense account.
  • Click on My Ads
  • Click on new unit
  • Select the type of ad you want to choose. You can take of help of our Article that suggest how to choose Google Adsense:

Ways To Increase Adsense CTR: Killer Steps

  • Then copy the code.
  • Now got to your blogger account.
  • Click on post you want to add Google Adsense
  • Then Click on HTML format and add the ad code where ever you want to add according to your wish.
  • Job is Done!!!

Draw back

The drawback of this step is that if by chance you get banned from Google Adsense than empty space would remain between the post, where you had entered the code.

This was easier method, but this thing you have to do again and again that is add Google Adsense into the post.

Other method: Effective one
For that you can follow my post :

 How To add Adsense inside the blog post:PART 2

Hope You like this method!! This is easy and very effective. This works every time.
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  2. thanks, sir my google adsense ac is desebale for invelid activety help me.

  3. I would recommend to use plugin instead of manual insert code into post. there are many free wordpress plugins are available if we are using wordpress cms