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How To Increase Website Google Ranking: Easy Steps

How to increase website Google Rank

Google Page Rank is the method of Google to offer a rank to every website. The Google Rank describes the reputation of a website. So read carefully the below given tips of how to increase Google Page Rank.  Google search engine works on variety of aspects to provide rank to website. The exact technique is not known, but the main things that may effect are as follow:

Tips to Increase Website Google Ranking

1. BackLinks:

The main aspect that helps in increasing rank is the back links on your Page. Back Links are links from other websites pointing towards your website. The more back links better is it for your Rank. To increase back links to your website you may submit Forums. Most time’s one is allowed to have signature, So below your signature you may mention your website name. It is better if you discuss about topic of your website as this may help to increase the traffic and also help in advertisement of your website.

2. Submit Your site To Right Directories

This is the main step for ranking boost. You must submit your website to different search Engines likeYahoo, Bing, Google webmasters, overture etc. And also keep in mind that one must not submit their websites on spam Directories as this may cause wastage of time and money and when they become worse they may even effect on your ranking. So be careful while adding site to directory.
Submitting website to directories helps in showing your presence on internet.
You can submit your website to all directories at once by using this post: Add website to all directories

3. Keywords

As I had also told in the case of Topic increase SEO tips in previous blog that keywords are the key aspect of increasing seo and this is also the key aspect to increase google Page Rank. One must always add sensible keywords from there blog so that it may be easier for google to find you. If you were searching for your on website what should be the keyword you may type, be very careful in describing it.

4. Content Quality

Why would visitors like to visit a website again? Not because of its looks, but only because of blog content. So be very careful with the blog content. Provide the information a visitor would like to read. A person visiting a website will visit that site again if its content is attracting.
How to write a quality post? Follow this post: How to write Quality Content for your website

5. Social Networking

Social media is the most famous media through which now days the visitors to website can be increased. So if the visitors increase it will obviously increase your page rank.  The social sites like facebook, google+, twitter etc.
Thus following above all steps carefully you may help in raising your page rank. But it will take time as page rank depends vastly on traffic and content in a website. So as these both gets better your website rank gets better.

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