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12 SEO Blogs That Will Change How You Look At Google Forever

12 SEO Blogs That Will Change How You Look At Google ForeverWhether you’re a small business owner, a blogger, or just an internet geek, you probably have a love hate relationship with search engine optimization. It’s essential for getting discovered but it can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating.

When it works, it can make a big difference on your bottom line. When it doesn’t, it will sink your spirits to know that your great content, service, or product, is so close but yet so far from reaching your audience that you just know will love it.

In order to become or remain one of the lucky few reaping the benefits of a successful SEO strategy, you’ll have to devote some time to reading every week (or every day). In such a competitive space, small edges can make all the difference and new technology rolls out all the time that can make your life worse if you’re not ahead of the curve.

Following these blogs will help keep you on your path to SERP heaven. Here are the 12 SEO blogs that will change how you look at google forever!

Search Engine Journal

search engine journal seo

Search Engine Journal was founded in 2003 and is soon to be your new home page. There is so much content published here that you could probably get by alright even if you didn’t follow any of the other blogs considered in this list.  As if their in-house talent was enough, they have tons of guest posts from some of the foremost marketers out there.

Higher Visibility

higher visibility seo

Higher Visibility provides an SEO service, which is surely of great value to their customers. What’s of even greater value to us though, is the content they publish in their blog. Not only is it updated on a daily basis, but it’s filled with extremely useful help aimed at explaining the implications of recent updates on your SEO strategy.


moz seo

Rand Fishkin has one hell of an inspiring story. Moz has grown from a 2-man show in 2004 into one of the most influential players in SEO and one of the most valuable providers of quality content. If there’s one SEO team worth your trust and confidence, it’s Moz.


backlinko seo

Brian Dean has built quite a name for himself over the past 5 years and Backlinko has become a well-known purveyor of superior content. His writing style is very actionable and easy to follow and the in-depth analyses he provides will shed light on topics you never even knew you should be thinking about.

Bruce Clay

bruce clay seo

In SEO, finding people that have been at it for almost 20 years would prove to be difficult. Bruce Clay is one of the few organizations closing in on that landmark, having been a key player in SEO since 1996. With experience comes both wisdom and perspective. This is a fantastic and insightful blog and one that you don’t want to miss.

SEO by the Sea

seo by sea blogs

SEO by the Sea, witty title aside, is a quite interesting blog. You’ll see a fair deal of updates related to recent Google patents and what they could mean for SEO going forwards. As you may have noticed, this isn’t widely covered material and makes this technically-inclined blog all the mores.

Google Blog

Google SEO blogs

It’s no surprise that this blog should be on your short list. It’ll keep you up to date on the latest in the world of search. More importantly, reading it regularly will ensure you’re aware of any and all changes to Google features, algorithms, and other updates.


unbounce SEO blogs

Unbounce has a fairly unique focus that you can hopefully ascertain from the title. Their articles will often be aimed at helping you lower your bounce rate on your landing page. There is a fair deal of SEO covered as well however, and it should be on your short list of blogs to follow.


yoast SEO blogs

Yoast has revolutionized SEO in a big way over the last few years. Their SEO plugin for WordPress is both genius and unique. Gone are the days when you had to be an expert in order to perform some general on-page SEO. This is SEO for the masses (beginners) but there’s plenty to be learned by more advanced individuals as well.


rankpay seo

RankPay is a unique player in the SEO space as it is a self-described “pay-for-performance” tool. Their blog has undergone a major overhaul that has brought it up to speed and made it an important and very relevant one. Actionable posts and in-depth guides on how to perform specific SEO-related tasks are the standouts. Don’t miss the on page SEO checklist below, it’s an extremely useful starting point for anyone getting their feet wet.

Search Engine Watch

search engine watch seo

This is a very comprehensive blog and it’s one that you should be checking on a daily basis. They’ll post anywhere from 2-5 articles every weekday, and you’ll find quite a few are relevant to whatever you’re currently working on in SEO.

All Blogging Ways

allbloggingways SEO blogs

Not to forget that our blog allbloggingways is full package of SEO tips that can help you to bring your services rank higher in search engines. We have provided all the tips and tricks in a very simple understandable way.

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