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11 Essential WordPress Blogging Tools

11 Essential WordPress Blogging Tools

It is an undeniable fact that WordPress has changed the way websites and blogs are created since its arrival on the web. The simple user interface and even simpler management plugins make it extremely easy for aspirants to create websites and blogs, regardless of whether their primary purpose is to make some money, or disseminate knowledge and information.

However, even though the existence of the WordPress platform has made a huge difference in the blogosphere, creating blogs and especially making them popular can still be seen as daunting task.

If you are a WordPress blogger then there are various plugins and tools that you can use to make your life easier. Consider the following:

11 Essential WordPress Blogging Tools

Google Analyticator

As the name suggests, this WordPress blogging tool is used for blog analytics. It is designed to help the blogger analyse the traffic on his blog. There are various things that this tool will allow you to do including the following:

1. Download links tracking.
2. Track the blog/websites’ speed.
3. Track outbound links.
4. Pinpoint the origin of various visitors.
5. Understand the behaviour of visitors on the blog.

Another aspect of Google Analyticator that makes it very popular with bloggers is that it is directly compatible with Google Analytics which most modern-day bloggers and website owners use to understand their target audience and improve their performances.


StatPress is a tool in the same mould as the Google Analyticator. It is designed to help bloggers and website owners collect analytical information pertaining to their websites.
There are some key characteristics of this WordPress blogging tool that make it particularly beneficial. Consider the following.

1. It is a real-time data tracking plugin,
2. It can collect data about spiders and bots.
3. It can help analyse search keywords.
4. Collects data about your feeds; you can also ban IPs, if required.


CloudFlare can be seen as a policing WordPress blogging plugin because it allows bloggers to not only control what happens on their blogs but also control the threat posed by hackers.
CloudFlare was developed and launched in 2010 and has since become an important tool for bloggers who are looking for security for their blogs.It also helps improve the website’s speed and provides protection from Denial of Service attacks.
It provides the bloggers with the ability to identify the IP addresses of commenters on their blogs and police them according to their preferences.

Hyper Cache Extended

For starting WordPress bloggers, resources can be a major problem because their financial resources are limited. In other words, if you are running your blog through a hosting service where resources are not abundant, the Hyper Cache Extended plugin may be the perfect solution for you.
Hyper Cache Extended is categorically designed to help WordPress bloggers modify and configure the cache system that is a part of the WordPress platform. One of the salient features of Hyper Cache Extended is that it aims to be operational on all types of WordPress installation systems.
The use of this WordPress plugin would give you control over three invalidation options including archives pages invalidation, single post based invalidation, and all the cache.


AdPushup is a plugin specially designed for bloggers who monetize their website using the Google AdSense or other Cost per click based website monetization programs.
It uses Advanced A/B Testing to help you select the best ad location, size and ad theme for your website which would then help you improve your CTR (click-through rate) and RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions).
In short, it is an optimization plugin which helps your improve your ad revenues.
(Disclaimer: I’m a co-founder at AdPushup)

SI CAPTCHA Anti – Spam

The purpose of any CAPTCHA plugin on WordPress is to prevent spammers and bots from wreaking havoc on login, lost password, comments, and registration forms.
SI CAPTCHA Anti – Spam is widely considered to be one of the best WordPress blogging tools in the category of CAPTCHA plugins. This is a fairly common WordPress blogging plugin that is visible on many different websites and blogs these days.
The process is fairly simple in that people will have to type in the code shown in the image, which cannot be read by automated spamming software programs.

Login LockDown

Established blogs have to worry about hackers as much as spammers. Hackers do not always use sophisticated techniques to gain access to areas that they should rightfully not have access to.
Sometimes, they use brute force attacks as well, which is nothing but repeatedly trying multiple combinations of phrases as passwords to gain access to the backend of a blog.
However, this is a threat that can be eliminated entirely if you were to use Login LockDown on your WordPress blog. Login LockDownmonitors failed login attempts, the exact timing of those attempts, and the IP address of those attempts.
This WordPress plugin works by limiting the number of failed attempts from a particular IP range within a pre – specified period of time. If this plugin detects multiple login-failed attempts from a particular IP range, it immediately shuts down login facility for that IP range for a specific amount of time.
The number of failed attempts, the time period in which they have to be made, and the time period for which the login facility has to be shut down can be specified by the blogger.


Disqus is a comments management plugin that bloggers can use to make their blogs more interactive for their readers. This is a fairly simple plugin to use and all that a blogger needs to do is to sign up with the service, install it on his blog, and start building a community of commenters and readers.
The Disqus service behind the plugin already boasts of a vast commenting audience that a blog benefits from. There are many features of this commenting system but one of the more useful features is the Promoted Discovery program, which allows bloggers to attract new visitors and commenters to their blogs.

Share Buttons

Social Media is increasingly becoming a popular sharing plugin. If a blog establishes itself on any one of the social media networks then the number of visitors on the blog increases significantly.
However, leveraging social media is not easy for a WordPress blogger unless they have the right plugin installed. Share Buttons is a WordPress plugin that can be used to provide readers with a simple to use drop down share menu that allows them to share the article with their friends and family members.
A blogger using this plugin can choose to include more than 100 different social bookmarking and social networking websites into the drop down sharing menu.


Every WordPress blogger knows that it is important to create backups of the blog so as to not lose the crucial data that they have worked so hard to produce and post on the blog.

However, backing up websites or transferring them from one hosting service to another can be a complex process. BackupBuddy is a one-stop solution for WordPress bloggers who want to move their blogs as it makes backing up, installation, and migration of blogs very easy.

AJAX Contact Forms

Contact forms are essential for almost all blogs because they allow your readers to get in touch with you. The best way to do this is to have contact forms on the blog.

This plugin makes it very easy for WordPress bloggers to create such contact forms and make them available to their readers. The forms created by this plugin can be integrated into the WordPress platform very easily and they also have an inbuilt Twitter direct messaging feature.

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Ankit Oberoi is a co-founder at AdPushup, a startup focused on helping publishers and bloggers optimize their ad revenues. You can reach him on Twitter @oberoiankit


  1. Those share buttons are HUGE Ankit! Gotta help spread the word by posting goddies. I use Flare. Thanks!

  2. Well, this is a great collection of the essential word press tools but I must say that you should include The Genesis Framework in this list because it really helps to make your blog’s design more comfortable for your visitors and for the search bots both at the same time …. !

    Thanks for sharing … :’)

  3. Hey Vishal,
    Awesome list of all plugin and i don’t know about all these thanks for sharing this all 🙂 . I definitely try all of plugin on my wordpress blog.


  4. Hi Ankit!

    Glad to see you here. Nice list especially with AdPushUp. Good for those high traffic blogs. Highly recommended it and oh yes, cloudflare is a must.

    Thanks for sharing man!

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