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10 Minimal WordPress Themes for Bloggers

If you are looking for a theme that would not mute your rich content, you definitely should opt for a clean minimalist theme. No matter whether you are a fashion blogger, an interior designer, a photographer or another creative soul – a plain and simple blog layout with great functionality will make your creative potency sprout.

Minimal always means stylish, however it has way more merits – not only it eliminates distractions, it is easily adapted to responsive layouts and the more simple it is, the more your key blog accents stand out.
Minimal, however, does not necessarily mean simple. There are many solutions to choose from and all of these can be adjusted, as well. Here is the list of the Minimal WordPress Themes for all the bloggers listed below. Have a look and select best one for you.

Best 10 Minimal WordPress Themes

1. Ryu

best minimal WordPress themeRyu is an extra-clean WordPress theme for bloggers, who are looking for minimal, yet fetching designs. This theme stands out because of its fairly large heading fonts. Its responsive design looks great on all devices – a beautiful display with the main focus on the content. You won’t get lost among many useless features and details.

Demo | Download

2. Syntax

Syntax WordPress Theme DownloadSyntax is a cozy theme for all kinds of projects fully equipped with all the necessary features – a handy menu, social media links, and more. This beautiful theme, created by Automattic contains a centered content column and on the whole an easily browsable structure. Syntax theme is described as text-focused, but it really works fine for visual blogs as well.
Demo | Download

3. Cocoa

Cocoa WordPress themes Free downloadCocoa isreally fun theme made by Elmastudio. A fresh, responsive design adapts well and shows both images and text beautifully. For those who like to play with typo – there are several layout options, including large scale quotes. Cocoa theme is extremely highly customizable – so many options to choose from!
Demo | Download

4. Kiore Moana

Kiore Moana WordPress ThemesAnother attractive theme.made by Elmastudio is a tribute to massive font lovers. Kiore Moana isdefinitely not for everyone, however it is well suited for various types of blogs – text, visuals, video or all combined. A one-column layout makes it pretty simple to navigate and does not cause distraction (no sidebar, no distractions, right?). KiorMoana theme is also adjusted to fit all the mobile devices pretty well, too.
Demo | Download

5. Minnow

Minnow WordPress theme FreeMinnow is another WordPress theme presented by Automattic. It is an easily customizable one-column template – plain and clean. This theme is well arranged – the social buttons are up above, all the other widgets may be found on the side, not disturbing your content.
Demo | Download

6. Minimy

Minimy WordPress ThemesMinimy is an exceptional theme with a variety of different layout and customization options. For starters, you can select a specific blog type – a text-based layout for a “Personal Blog” OR a layout for a “Fashion Blog” dedicated to visual content. However, your options are not limited to these two types of blog layouts, as this theme supports all the basic types of blog posts – including video, audio and more.
A 2-position menu makes it really easy to navigate. The side menu makes your blog stand out from the masses – when you click on it, a faded window opens, and there you can add additional details and information which you don’t want to show on the main page. However, it always stays within a hands reach. And if you choose to use the top menu, you’ll really find it comfortable, too.

Demo | Download

7. Hemlock

Hemlock WordPress theme Minimal WordPress themeHemlock theme is a favorite for many photographer bloggers, no matter their area of interest. This WordPress theme is really well-made for all kinds of visuals (galleries and previews are really amazing). This theme is aimed to reduce the unnecessary clutter.Thus the featured post showcase up above is really handy if you don’t want to bury some of your posts just yet. You can find the menu bar on the top. It’s black and narrow, so it does not bother you while you’re reading or browsing the content. It’s great that whenever you scroll down you can see the sidebar on the top of your window – no need to scroll back to the top if you suddenly need something – open the contact window, select a different category or check out social profiles. Talking about integration of social media, you can find the social buttons up above on the top menu, or below each and every blog post.

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8. Tonal

Tonal WordPress themeTonal is one of the most popular WordPress minimalist themes, presented by Automattic. Its extra clean layout looks great on any device. Large images and strong typography makes this theme one of the favourites for the most creative bloggers. It supports all post types – text, video, visuals – everything. However, if you’re really scared that this theme would look too bare and boring, I’m sure you would make use of custom colors and palettes.

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9. Chunk

Chunk WordPress minimal themeUltra-bold typography is one of the main features of this WordPress theme. Chunk theme is considered to be bold and beautiful. There are some customization options, as you may choose a custom background, swap menu layouts and change headers. Also it comes with an optional footer widget area, that could be quite useful if you don‘t want to clutter your blog too much.

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10. Wintersong

Wintersong WordPress themeWintersong is a strong, but simple theme for bloggers who seek both functionality and style. Like most of the minimalist themes, Wintersong is focused on content and excludes unnecessary mess in the layout. It contains a sidebar menu, which moves together with the screen when you scroll down.Adding this up with all the basic features, such as social button placement, customization options, responsiveness and more, Wintersong is a pretty choice.

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To sum up, it must be said that minimal must be exceptional as well. Going plain black and white; or greyand white might not work for you as well as expected – not all minimalist designs are a win-win solution for the blogger and the reader; in the long run some minimalist designs start to look the same. Too simple.Too boring. So always opt for something exceptional, yet minimal.
And remember, minimalism does not work for all projects and all people. If you’re not hopping on to the minimalist train, you can still find your style that matches your project and your personality best.

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